Poll: Are you holding out for the Google Pixel 6 phones?

Google Pixel 6 Pro Colors Side By Side
Google Pixel 6 Pro Colors Side By Side (Image credit: Android Central)

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are some of the hottest smartphones right now, and they're not even set to launch until well into fall. But that didn't stop Google from providing us with an early teaser, divulging some new information about its upcoming flagships and the Google Tensor chip that will power them. However, since we may not see the Pixel 6 series for at least a couple of months, are you willing to wait to upgrade, or are you more interested in more immediate smartphone launches?

Google's Pixel 6 announcement managed to take some focus away from the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked, which is scheduled for next week. On August 11, Samsung is set to announce quite a few new devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The new phones are set to further streamline the company's foldable lineup with improved designs, better software, and finally, S Pen support. With the announcement just around the corner, Samsung's new smartphones could reach consumer hands by the end of the month.

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The Pixel 6 isn't all that Google has up its sleeve. According to Google, the Pixel 5a is also set to launch this month, although we don't have an exact date. Recent rumors suggest the device could reach stores by the end of this month and at a pretty modest price.

The Pixel 5a will likely be a near copy of last year's Pixel 5, from the design to the internal specs, although it may do away with some more premium features like wireless charging. That said, depending on the launch price, it may very well be one of the best cheap Android phones of 2021.

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  • If its 700.00 to 1,000... A BIG FAT NO! I might wait a year when it comes down, if its good enough...
  • And you're expecting less for a premium handset? This is 2021. That's about the sweet spot for phones like these. If you want less, this phone isn't for you. If you're expecting it to be sub $700, not happening. Maybe intro 6 and not Pro, but people need to understand they're competing with the premium market with these 2. Want less, go with the 5a
  • Of course we want less! I got my wife's S21 for $250! I hope Google don't order too many cause they're gonna be sitting on shelves.
  • You know the galaxy s21 is a brand new $800 phone and if you got it new for $250 it was probably subsidized by charges in your renewed 2yr carrier contract that you had to renew to get the discount, right? Pixel 6 will likely cost a bit less... We're talking about full retail price, not carrier 2yr contract discount prices. Yes most people don't pay retail, but they pay for the rest in their contract whether they know it nor it.
  • That's if it's actually premium, pixels don't exactly have a good track record.
  • Most people won't bother paying for that on a phone because their priorities are organized differently (I'm trying to be nice here.), And when it comes to this so called premium market, people still just go looking for discounts (refer to mr "I got my wife's s21 for $250") no phone is worth 1k, there's nothing these devices have that warrant 1k, they've never had it years ago and they still don't, it's an overpriced device and the people calling it out aren't misunderstanding the market. Please stop justifying these prices, these "premium" "sweet spot" "it's 2021" talking points are just rubbish.
  • Are you making these comments on galaxies and iphone, I don't think so the price won't stay high like that
  • I'm not sure if this comment is an answer to me or someone else but yes, this applies to iPhones and Galaxy's too, even those are overpriced, and most costumers who can will try to bring the price down somehow.
  • Hell nah. The aesthetics are horrific and I imagine the price will equate out with how ugly the phone is ($$$). They were on the right path with the 3/4/5 series offering a A series as well as a not quite premium phone at "fair" prices. Once again, they are falling in line with Apple/Samsung with extremely expensive phones that only a portion of our society can afford. Guess we better "work harder" to afford these phones, huh? 🙄
  • Google isn't canceling the a-series. They're still making budget phones if that's what you want. Personally, I think it would make sense to release the A-Series version of the 6 at the same time instead of waiting half a year. If they did side by side launches it would allow people to feel like they're upgrading, instead of like they're getting the budget version of the premium phone 6 months after it's released.
  • I love the aesthetics of the phone. Its unique and very eye-catching. They struck gold on design, as far as I'm concerned, and I hope they keep it
  • I can hardly wait (even though it's going to be too expensive) ... I just hope that the battery in my Pixel 2 holds out that long! I'm imagining holding on to that beautiful coral Pixel 6 right now! I think that the camera bar looks so much more balanced than the corner camera groupings on the older phones. Put a clear case on that puppy, and I'm sure that it'll slip into a pocket without much of a problem ... the problem mainly will be getting used to the bigger size.
  • Zero interest in the Pixel because I HATE stock Android. So many features are missing.
  • Seriously? This is about the stupidest thing I've heard. You must not understand stock Android.
  • So you like a bunch of RAM hogging and battery hogging bloat ware?
  • You clearly don't know what "stock Android" is.
  • I agree, all the cool features:
    Galaxy apps
    Samsung car mode
    Samsung email
    Samsung game launcher
    Samsung voicemail
    Samsung gear
    Samsung browser
    Samsung calendar
    Stock Android can't compete with those cool features.
  • Lmao. And you actually think those are features. That's called Bloatwarw and it's why most people HATE Samsung. No thanks, Pixel 100%.
  • Just the fact you put Bixby first too! Hahahahahahahahahahaha YA RIGHT.
  • ...you realize he was being sarcastic, right? Like, it's quite obvious he knows that's all crap bloatware
  • Wow, really?? He was quite clearly being sarcastic man lol
  • Nope! Think Google is going to end up over pricing it based on their history.. I use a Pixel 5, which I purchased brand new at a sub $400 price and have been using it for several months now.. While I like certain aspects of the device, I certainly don't think it is worth the $700 price tag Google placed on it.
  • You purchased at a "new" Pixel 5 at sub-400, when every Pixel from the 2 all the way up to I'm assuming the Pixel 5a that's supposed to be due out this month have used the same camera sensor, on a mid-range Snapdragon chip, and you don't think it's worth it for a SIGNIFICANT camera sensor upgrade, and to actually have on-device photo processing back? I'm still using my Pixel 3XL waiting for a 6 Pro.
  • The Pixel 5 does have on bored photo processing. It's just slower.
  • Yeah I want a pro.....only thing is the color options are wack....I wanted that orange color, but it's only on the standard..... seriously who pics what phones gets what colors smh???
  • Yeah seriously. I was really looking forward to getting the orange Pro but I guess I'll go with the grey now, yellow is no bueno
  • As as soon the specs for the Pixel 5 were announced I was already looking forward to the 6. From the sounds of things it might justify the price tag.
  • Agreed. After the 5, was worried Google was going to focus on the midrange market, but this has me hoping for a true flagship competitor.
  • My 3xl will be getting replaced this year. Waiting to see pricing & compare to Galaxy offerings but likely a 6 as of now.
  • Last year I ditched my 3XL with hopes of getting my hands on a 5. Unfortunately the specs couldn't compete with the Note10+ that was sitting right next to it. Price from my carrier was about the same anyways. I like big screens and I certainly didn't want to downgrade, so since the 5 didn't have an XL model, I opted for Samsung. Lots of great features in the Note10+ but they're sending me back to Google with all their Bixby bloatware garbage. If I wanted a device with junk I couldn't get rid of I'd have bought an iPhone or something else catered for the less technical folks. The 6 Pro looks like it will be the successor to my Note10+ but if it doesn't match or suprass the specs, I'll sit back and wait for something else
  • Untested SOC? Sorry. No headphone Jack? Sorry. The 5a will DO EVERYTHING of real importance that the 6 's will do for a savings of several hundred dollars! 5a all the way!
  • As long as you're American or Japanese. Oh, Google...
  • A SoC that Google has been working on for the past 4+ years, supposedly based on an unreleased Exynos chip? How is it any more "untested" than the latest and greatest Snapdragon chip that they announce one day, and a manufacturer announces it in a new phone a few weeks later? Stop beating the "no headphone jack" horse. At least they provide a very compact little dongle. 5a will do everything of importance the 6 series does? Yeah, with the same camera sensor every other Pixel has been using since the Pixel 2, without on-device AI and machine learning chips that help with photo processing (that they removed for the pixel 5). Is rather spend a couple hundred more.
  • I don't know how good the Pixel 6 phones will be but the Pixel 5a? No thanks. The Pixel 5a will have a SD 765. As an owner of a Pixel 5 I can tell you the performance of the SD 765 is poor.
  • I bought Pixel XL and loved it. Pixel 2XL and liked it but not as much. Then bought the Pixel 3XL and I loved it. Bought the Pixel 4XL and didn't like it (except camera quality was better) but returns it to use the Pixel 3XL another year. Bought Pixel 5 and wanted to like it but it wasn't XL so that was a deal breaker. My Pixel 3XL got 2 more years of use intended and it has held up pretty well. I am really looking forward to the Pixel 6 Pro. I love photography plus if the rumor of a 512GB version is true, this may be the perfect phone. I hope Moment makes a case so that I can continue using Moment lenses to push the envelope with what is possible with a camera built into a phone.
    Super excited and as far as I'm concerned I saved abit $1500 not buying Pixel 4 and 5. I'm ready to purchase!
  • You though the Pixel 3 XL with it's huge hideous notch, memory issues and fragile glass back was better than the Pixel 2 XL? That's surprising. I don't think I've heard that before.
  • Yessss I'm waiting for Verizon preorders to go up I'll be first ... And probably get a BOGO deals so I'm not technically paying full price I'm so excited for the pixel 6 pro , the camera and video is going to ruin other smartphone with computational power and I use my Google assistant so much , that machine learning and AI is a no brainer for me . I don't care about having 100 cores on my phone to play PS5 games and Xbox series x , i want the smartest smartphone on the planet and every since the first pixel google has held true thx to google AI being light years ahead of everyone ... And the voice to text i use daily a few times , call screening everyday i can't live without it , i even use duplex on weekends when I want to go to restaurants and don't want to stop what I'm doing to make reservations, of the new take hold of call when on hold oh man i love Google's software ....
    Now give me the best looking smart watch which if pixel watch rumors are true it's one sexi watch I'm excited for ...
  • Where's the option for HELL NO! But to be more explicit, I see nothing in the 6 that intrigues me in to wanting to purchase it. That hump running the width is ludicrous, the chip is untested, and the size of the pro is just too big.
    I'll keep my 4Xl and if I want to move on to another phone; maybe wait for a 7 or get the 5.
    The 6 does noting for me.....
  • Pixel 4XL dimensions: 6.31 x 2.96 x 0.32in.
    Pixel 6 Pro dimensions: 6.45 x 2.98 x 0.35in. 0.14" taller is "just to big" when you're getting almost half an inch larger screen? Plus, you're getting a MUCH upgraded camera, unlike the 4XL (and the 5) using the same sensor as the Pixel 2. I don't mind the hump. At least there'll be no wobble. As far as the chip... Pretty sure it's been tested internally more than any Snapdragon chip...
  • Yes. The 6 Pro will be my next phone.
  • Love to get one if the cameras are better than my Huawei P40 Pro as it's the best phone camera. but if it is over £700.00 I will give it a miss.
  • Yes, I can't wait to trade up from my 3XL. This phone is going to be great.
  • I bought a Pixel 5. I don't see a huge performance increase to make buying a 6 worth the money. I still use a Pixel 3 as a secondary phone and it still performs well. I'll sit this one out.
  • Are you kidding? I can't imagine Google's custom chip which is designed from the ground up to be optimized for Android not performing way better than the mid range SD 765. I have a Pixel 5 and the SD 765 isn't very good.
  • It seems to be an Exynos in reality. Samsung push Exynos on us Europeans but reserve Qualcomm for the US which is one reason I do not buy Samsung; telling us we are second class citizens.
    I don't mind if Google use it, I'm sure it will be better than a 765, but the hype is annoying.
  • you couldn't be more wrong. The pixel 5 runs perfectly smooth since it doesn't have a crapton of bloatware. All you looked at were specs on a page and decided it was "slow" and it's not.
  • I sold my S20 FE after the first Pixel 6 Pro leaks, wanting to maximize resell, as I'm definitely interested. As a Pixel fan, there were some that were "skippable", but this doesn't appear to be one of those models. Tensor SoC is totally intriguing. Bought a 4a to hold me over, but I drowned that. I'm underwhelmed by it's replacement, a OnePlus Nord N10 5g. The question now is can I be patient enough and resist buying the 5a in a few weeks? With yesterday's 5a news, it's not looking good for my wallet and bank acct.
  • I know it's not popular opinion on these kinds of websites, but I love phones with big screens so I'm really excited for the 6 pro. My budget's going to tap out at $1099, so I might end up getting the regular six.
  • Probably not. Even the smaller one is way too big. I had a Pixel 2 XL for 3 years and my biggest complaint was how huge it was. The smaller Pixel 6 is even bigger. It also sucks that the second camera on the smaller one is an ultra wide instead of the zoom camera. I'd consider it more if the second camera was a zoom.
  • If it has complete 5g aggregation: 1. Sub-6 aggregation
    2. Mmwave aggregation
    3. Sub-6 & mmwave aggregation And a fingerprint sensor, Then I am totally in. Everybody is focusing on size and cameras which I don't care as much about.
  • These type of articles only trigger the self centered. "I don't like this, I don't like that".
  • I've had every Google phone since Nexus One. But I think it's time to throw the towel.
    I have major issues with two of the latest Pixels. No more photo storage. With the same price you can now get much much better phones with almost as good software support. What's the incentive anymore???
  • I have to agree about the withdrawal of unlimited Google Photos storage for the newer Pixels. A bad move, would've given them a USP over other phones.
  • Yes, but then I'm quite happy to hold out for a final year of updates of my Pixel 3a XL
  • I've already decided. I'm getting one.
  • Yes, I've been wanting a true "throw down the gauntlet" phone from Google. I don't care if it's $1500,I'm getting it. I've had every Pixel and Nexus phone since the Galaxy Nexus.
  • I have a Pixel 2XL panda. Waiting for the Pixel 10 or 12, not sure yet which one. In all seriousness in 2-3 years ill probably get a mid-range Samsung. Better bang for the buck and I miss having the 3.5mm headphone jack and microSD card slot on my Pixel 2XL too much, even though I special ordered the 128gb.
  • Have gotten used to the less expensive Pixels and couldn't be happier.
  • Pixel 5 made me decide to do something I swore I'd never do again.. go back to Samsung.. add the fact that the camera on the s21 is just amazing.. I loved the pixel but having the same camera sensor over multiple generations of the phone was enough.. pixel could win me back but it's going to take some serious camera hardware upgrades
  • you might want to get your eyes checked. the camera on the S21 sucks. its way too soft. everything looks fuzzy. terrible camera. the Pixel 5 camera is way better than the S21 camera. I owned both. Got rid of the S21 because the camera sucked.
  • Not for at least another 9 to 15+ months from release date, especially if prices will begin to drop - thank you. Using Pixel 3aXL happily as I don't need the extra bells & whistles, battery health still over 95%+ now and going to get Android 12 this Fall anyway ... just going to keep on trucking along. Now that restore unlimited Google Photos at full resolution, I might reconsider sooner but the spare OG Pixel is fine to upload all transferred photos to cloud storage, without needing more Google One upgrade. Besides, got big hands and yet very comfortable with the smaller footprints of a 6" screen as those ultra-wide HD images just don't do anything for my needs ... don't need 1/3 of these extra tall Pixels or Galaxies sticking out of my front or rear pockets, or the cargo pockets on the BDU pants. Besides, behind the wheels with Android Auto running - it's all the same, aside from the split wide screen display. In other words, I don't any strong & compelling reasons to chase this premium flagship at the asking price to value/return on investment matrix.
  • Soli was such a waste on my Pixel 4xl. I'm waiting to replace it with the 6 pro. So far I've seen only useful stuff being featured, not gimmicky ones (or those that they hoped to have a potential).
  • Going to pass on the TCL 10 Pro, ahem I mean Pixel 6. I used a Pixel 3a for 3 weeks on loan from my dad a couple years ago (just to try out) and that was a great value to performance device. It however made me miss my S9 as the screen was no where near as good, no SD card slot, cameras were equal and I personally like One UI. I presently have a A71 5G Galaxy and BE KeyOne (love the PKB) I'll stick with these for a few years. When I do upgrade again in a few years I suspect it will be a good midrange that doesn't break the bank.
  • My number one feature is battery life. I can get a Moto G Power for less than $200 new right now with all the battery I need, so no, I am not waiting for Google to strike out on yet another phone. If Google actually makes a solid phone and not another gimmick, I might buy it in a year when it has full specs and reviews and has worked out the bugs. For now I am fine with a cheap moto phone that I can beat up and not feel bad.
  • No, I don't like the size or that horizontal camera bump. I'll upgrade around 2023-24 and see what is around by then.
  • I so wanted the Pixel 6 to be good. The sound quality on the 5 just isn't good enough, the under glass speaker is no good if you are somewhat deaf and need exceptional sound clarity (which I get from my Sony).
    But...the 6 is too big. The 5 was about right. Much as I like my wife's Pixel, it's going to be the 5 III later in the year, throttling and all.
  • Will keep my Note 20 Use Ultra until the security updates stop, hardware and software are both so good, it's still a pleasure to use... Works so well with Windows 11 too... Will replace it with the latest ultra Galaxy at that time...
  • So a phone with stainless steel, ceramic and almost a 1" sensor isn't worth 1k. A phone with the brightest screen available, isn't worth 1k. You are right, your priorities are aligned else where. Stick to the budget devices.
  • Would love to buy one but Google doesn't sell them here in New Zealand and the parallel imports you can buy don't worked here on 5G, WiFi Calling and VoLTE is a but of a turkey shoot to get going. Maybe now that Larry Page has opened an office here and got residency they may sell it.
  • No no no and no
  • I am thinking about holding out another year with my Pix 3a but the Pix 6 may just draw me in.
  • Many were waiting for the OnwardMobility BlackBerry, but now that they've failed to even make a comment in almost a year, think most of us will end up buying the new Pixels. They look pretty special.
  • It seems a lot of BlackBerry users have moved to Pixel. I'm one of them.
  • The pixel 5 was the perfect size and build materials. just take the 5, add custom soc and updated cam and you'd have the best phone on the planet. I will have to see it in person, but I think 6.3" for the "small" phone is dumb. they should have done 6" and 6.7" for the larger. 6.3 and 6.7 are too close together. stupid decision on googles part
  • Phones are approaching the $2K mark here in Canada. You can buy a decent laptop for less. I'd love to pick up a Pixel 6 but I'm pretty sure it will be beyond what I'm willing to pay. I have my 4a5G which is serving me well.
  • Who here would buy a thousand dollar computer, and then throw it away 3 years later to do it all over again? Why does this paradigm seem ok if the computer fits in your pocket?
  • very difficult to shell out a thousand moolah for a phone that does not have back fingerprint sensor.
    will likely stick to my pixel 5 (despite defective and a disappointment). will look at 5a instead.