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Pokémon Unite is currently available right now for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. For anyone who hasn't picked up the game just yet, fans can already begin to look ahead to figure out which potential Pokémon they'll want to use in what promises to be a compelling spinoff for the well-established 

For those unaware, Pokémon Unite pits teams of five trainers against each other, each armed with just a single Pokémon. Pokémon can evolve, hold items to improve their standing, and even learn new moves during battle. Here are all of the Pokémon Unite playable Pokémon characters so far.

Pokémon Unite playable characters

Pokemon Unite Roster

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Only 39 Pokémon are currently available in Pokémon Unite, each broken up by one of five types — Attacker, All-Rounder, Defender, Speedster, and Supporter. More Pokémon are set to arrive in the future, but for now, we'll just have to make do with a couple of dozen. As is the case with many other multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), a Pokémon Unite tier list also exists, giving you the chance to see which Pokémon is the best.

  • Aegislash (All-Rounder)
  • Absol (Speedster)
  • Alolan Ninetales (Attacker)
  • Azumarill (All-Rounder)
  • Blastoise (Defender)
  • Blissey (Supporter)
  • Buzzwole (All-Rounder)
  • Charizard (All-Rounder)
  • Cinderace (Attacker)
  • Cramorant (Attacker)
  • Crustle (Defender)
  • Decidueye (Attacker)
  • Delphox (Attacker)
  • Dragonite (All-Rounder)
  • Duraludon (Attacker)
  • Eldegoss (Supporter)
  • Espeon (Attacker)
  • Garchomp (All-Rounder)
  • Gardevoir (Attacker)
  • Gengar (Speedster)
  • Glaceon (Attacker)
  • Greedent (Defender)
  • Greninja (Attacker)
  • Hoopa (Supporter)
  • Lucario (All-Rounder)
  • Machamp (All-Rounder)
  • Mamoswine (Defender)
  • Mr. Mime (Supporter)
  • Pikachu (Attacker)
  • Slowbro (Defender)
  • Snorlax (Defender)
  • Sylveon (Attacker)
  • Talonflame (Speedster)
  • Trevenant (Defender)
  • Tsareena (All-Rounder)
  • Tyranitar (All-Rounder)
  • Venusaur (Attacker)
  • Wigglytuff (Supporter)
  • Zeraora (Speedster)

Roles and Battle Type Systems

Pokémon Unite is different from normal Pokémon games in that the battle system focuses on which Battle Type your Pokémon is rather than what elemental or attacks they know. During each match in Pokémon Unite, your Pokémon will grow as you fight with them, leading to temporary evolutions that can help take down your enemies. Understanding this will be the difference between failure and victory in one of the best Android games available.

In Pokémon Unite, there are five Battle Types:

  • All-Rounder - Balanced stats, meaning they're okay at everything.
  • Attacker - Focused on dealing damage to opponents.
  • Defender - Tanks that soak up damage.
  • Speedster - Faster than others, capable of quickly scoring points.
  • Supporter - Buff and heal allies, debuff enemies.

Our Pokémon Unite battle guide covers the details on what each Battle Type is good at doing.

Are more Pokémon coming soon?

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Banner

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Currently, only 39 Pokémon are available to play within Pokémon Unite, but more are planned to be added in the future through free updates. The developers are adding additional Pokémon on a semi-regular basis, so keep an eye out for updates.

Pokémon licenses

Pokemon Unite Android Sylveon License

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To use a Pokémon in matches of Pokémon Unite, you'll need to have a license to use it. These Pokémon licenses can be purchased in-game by either spending Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems. Aeos Coins are earned by simply playing the game, with Gems purchased with real-world money to fast track the ability to play with certain Pokémon. The prices for each Pokémon license are as follows: 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
PokémonAeos CoinsAeos Gems
Alolan Ninetales8,000460
Mr. Mime8,000460

Are any Pokémon free?

Pokemon Unite Gengar

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While Pokémon licenses are available to buy, not every Pokémon in Pokémon Unite requires you to spend currency. Currently, 12 Pokémon can be acquired for free, with five of them being the starters you get when you first play the game. It's important to note, though, that some Pokémon are only available during limited-time events, so make sure you grab them when you can before they're no longer available for free.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
PokémonHow to get it
HoopaBake 10 donuts per day until you've acquired 50 donuts.
ZeraoraWin a total of 32 battles to claim Zeraora's Unite License on Android.
SlowbroAwarded after reaching Trainer Level 2. You have to claim it to add it to your roster.
VenasaurAwarded after reaching Trainer Level 5. You have to claim it to add it to your roster.
Alolan NinetalesLog in to Pokémon Unite on two different days. Rewarded as part of the 14-Day Welcome Gifts. It won't join your roster until you claim it.
CinderaceLog in to Pokémon Unite on eight different days. Rewarded as part of the 14-Day Welcome Gifts. You must remember to claim Cinderace to use it.
GreninjaRewarded on the 14th day of logging in to Pokémon Unite. Rewarded as part of the 14-Day Welcome Gifts. Make sure to claim Greninja after you unlock it.
CrustlePart of the Beginner Challenge awarded after completing all 7 Day Missions. Crustle won't join your team until you claim it.
GreedentUnlocked through the Halloween event Pumpkin Exchange.
TsareenaFree event license when logging in after Dec. 9.
EldegossCan be chosen as a Starter.
SnorlaxCan be chosen as a Starter.
PikachuCan be chosen as a Starter.
CharizardCan be chosen as a Starter.
TalonflameCan be chosen as a Starter.

Grab 'em all

While not every Pokémon is available for free, a ton of them still are, so if you're diving into Pokémon Unite for the first time during its launch window, make sure to grab as many free Pokémon as you can. Remember, you must head into the game's menu and claim any and all Pokémon you unlock to keep them, so don't forget. You progress can carry with you and you can take your Pokémon Unite save data over to Nintendo Switch if you want to, so you won't lose all the Pokémon you've collected so far.


Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a vastly different take on Pokémon games, putting players into a MOBA where understanding different roles with lead your team to victory.

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