Pokemon Co-master to bring board game battles to Android in Japan

The Pokémon Company will soon release a new mobile game for Android called Pokémon Co-master. Taking the form of a strategy board game, Co-master offers both single-player battles against computer-controlled opponents, as well as online multiplayer matches.

Pokémon Co-master combines its strategy mechanics with the collection of virtual Pokémon figurines. As they move across the game board, Pokémon will battle with their unique powers when they encounter each other, just like in the standard Pokémon games.

Co-master was developed alongside HEROZ Japan, which specializes in artificial intelligence systems, and which helped develop the game's AI. That AI will be able to help you in your matches against computer-controlled opponents.

The game will be released in Japan at some point this spring. There is no word yet on whether it will make its way to other countries as well.

Joseph Keller