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Android Central Podcast Episode 4

Thanks to Michael Manna of the T4 Show for joining us.

  • I heard Exchange functionality mentioned and was surprised no 3rd Party apps were discussed. Roadsync and Touchdown work very well with Exchange, and are feature rich.
  • I am not sure if it was your latest podcast or the one before, but you mentioned that your Motorola Bluetooth headset would not work with your nexus. Could it be that there is an issue because the headset has noise cancellation technology and so does your nexus? I am using a cheap MOTO h710 headset with my nexus and it works fine, but it doesn't have any active noise cancelling technology. I am enjoying the podcast and will submit some questions soon
  • Thanks again for having me on the show. I'm, currently, teetering on selling my iPhone 3Gs and getting a Nexus One. I'm just trying to figure out which carrier to pick after it's released on all 4.