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PlayStation Suite bringing PlayStation content to Android devices

Sitting in on the Sony Japan PlayStation Meeting 2011 event we were surprised to see that Sony made mention of their upcoming PlayStation Suite for Android and other devices. Although, we didn't doubt something along those lines was coming at any point now, it's still nice to see Sony give some official word on the subject. Slated for sometime "within the next calendar year" the cross-platform framework will start off by emulating first-generation PSP titles on a number of different devices including Android tablets and smartphones. No doubt that'll move to PSOne titles and more eventually as they also announced the PlayStation Store will arrive on Android. [PlayStation Blog]

  • Who would've thought we'd get Playstation on Android before we got NETFLIX? Thanks for non-fragmented love Sony!
  • Hmm.. maybe this is what Netflix was waiting for? They already have agreements with Sony so essentially they could be a launch partner with Sony. Place the Netflix app in the Sony store and make it so. Long stretch but come on it's 3:22am and I like conspiracy theories just play along. Lol. :P
  • Is the new PSP running a version of Android? The OS looks suspiciously like it, and it would make a lot of sense because of the new Android app.
  • Looks like it is but nothing that says it def. is. Just that it integrates and is compatible with the PlayStation Suite.
  • That's exactly what I'm thinking. Must be android which means...must be rooted (if that's even going to be necessary).
  • I would be pretty surprised if it was running Android. Because of piracy with the first PSP, Sony really wants to lock down the system a lot tighter this time. Because Android is open source that causes a bit of an issue. The PS3 was based off of Linux, and I suspect that the PSP2 (or NGP as it's being called) is running a very heavily modified version of Linux, not necessarily Android though.
  • Im not sure that the actual NPG is running Android, but it wouldn't surprise me. The Sony Xperia as you know is releasing their mini-psp/phone soon which is running Android. We will see. Personally, Im not a big PlayStation fan, but this is something XBOX should have done with their WIN7 phone and they missed out.
  • What a loser.
  • This is pretty cool news. I wonder if they'll ever port PS2 games to Android devices, the Tegra devices should be able to handle them, as long as they're actually ported and not emulated. EDIT: And the new PSP2 is a beastly handheld. WOW. I'm a Nintendo fan to the core, but man, Nintendo better watch out. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will be lucky again and history will repeat itself. Sorry for the little off-topic rant. :P
  • Best news I have gotten in awhile. Psx4droid is neat but too painful to get to work. An official port will be a huge money maker. Android plus Sony. Good for both companies. I love my playstations and my EVO is always with me. This will be a great selling point.
  • You people were just introduced to the PSP 2.
  • FFXII on my Droid 2 Global > flash Ipad games
  • or even better, one of the FF games that didn't completely suck
  • Wow this device, the playstation app store, the specs....Maybe now the WP7'rs can stop using the same lame excuse of them having better games than we do on android. Between the playstation app store and the nvidia tegra zone store looks like android might turnout to be the best option that you could ever dream of for portable gaming...
  • Don't forget to mention playstation suite will only work with Android 2.3 and above...
  • Only works with Android 2.3?? Gingerbread needs to be available for the EVO then....
  • I'm jumping to an iPhone on verizon once it comes out, but I do hope that Playstation adds their titles to the ANDROID store and not force customers to download a separate app store. Android App store
    Amazon App store
    Verizon App store
    Now Sony App store? WAYYYYYY to many.
  • Stay away from malls. Your head might explode.
  • Who would want to window shop with a 4 inch window. YOUR ARGUMENT FAILS. Not everyone wants to sort through 4 different apps just to find something they want to download. I see you like wasting time and precious app space on your phone. This must be great news for you.
  • google and sony just shat on wp7 and their xbox live idea.