PixelJunk Raiders announced exclusively for Stadia, coming to Stadia Pro in March

Pixelkunk Raiders Key Art
Pixelkunk Raiders Key Art (Image credit: Q-Games)

What you need to know

  • PixelJunk Raiders is a procedurally generated action roguelike releasing on March 1 as a Stadia exclusive.
  • Stadia Pro subscribers can play PixelJunk Raiders for free at no additional cost.
  • State Share is used for asynchronous multiplayer features.

Q-Games has been makin PixelJunk games for 14 years now, with the original PixelJunk Racers hitting the PS3 back in 2007. Since then, it's been a primarily PlayStation franchise with entries in a wide range of genres from racing, shooting, platformer, tower-defense, and more. But all things considered, PixelJunk Raiders looks to be the biggest diversion in the series' history to date both in terms of the target platform and the genre.

PixelJunk Raiders is coming to Stadia exclusively on March 1 for $20, but you can access it for free at no additional cost if you're a Stadia Pro subscriber. This is the first PixelJunk title to be added to the growing list of Stadia games.

According to the press release, PixelJunk Raiders falls into the, "action, adventure, rogue-lite" categories. Players fight their way across dangerous landscapes battling mysterious aliens wreaking havoc on Planet Tantal. You'll scavenge various procedurally-generated environments so each play session features unique settlements, canyons, and more. There will be incentive to keep coming back to invest your resources and upgrades into making better weapons and unlocking new skins.

Based on the footage in the trailer, gameplay seems very similar to other popular games, notably Risk of Rain 2 mixed with a bit of Monster Hunter. I haven't tried it yet so I can't say for certain that's what it feels like to play.

Using State Share, PixelJunk Raiders will also feature asynchronous multiplayer features that will let you "share game states with friends" but details on what that means exactly are still sparse.

Check back on March 1 for our full PixelJunk Raiders review for Stadia.

David Jagneaux