Best answer: State Share allows developers to instantly share a playable moment from a game with the world state, player's position, and inventory among other factors preserved.

How does State Share work?

The game's state will be encoded in a link that tells Stadia where to pick up the game at a specific moment in time. This link can then be sent to any number of players who can click on it and instantly hop into the game at the point it was shared.

Is there a limit to how many times you can share a link?

No. Users will be able to create an infinite amount of links and send them to whoever they want.

Will I be able to keep this game save after I am done playing?

Google did not detail if State Share will allow others to keep the save files of games shared with them. It is unknown if it is only a one-time link.

Will there be games designed to take advantage of this feature?

While most games on the market today aren't built around a feature like this in mind, there are games being developed that do take State Share into account. In fact, Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert says that they are working on one such game, which is "the biggest title ever" for the studio.

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