The Pixel-exclusive 'Sounds' app is now fully functional with v2.0 update

Upgrade your sounds
Upgrade your sounds (Image credit: Android Central)

Earlier this month, a mysterious "Sounds" app appeared on the Google Play Store as a new way for finding and selecting ringtones on your Pixel phone. Unfortunately, it didn't really do anything. Now, with the update to v2.0 that's rolling out, Sounds finally works!

Sounds 2.0 is rolling out to the Play Store now, and once you grab the update, you'll want to go to Settings -> Sound -> Phone ringtone. Instead of the boring list that was previously there, you'll now see a much more colorful and vibrant ringtone-selection page.

The old ringtone selector (left) compared to the new Sounds interface (right).

The very top of the screen shows which ringtone is currently set, and below this other ringtones are broken up by My Sounds, Pixel Sounds, Classical Harmonies, Minimal Melodies, Reality Bytes, and Retro Riffs. Tapping any of the categories will show a list of ringtones you can choose, and as you tap each one to listen to it, a little visualizer at the top of your screen will move around to the beat of the music.

None of this is really necessary, but similar to how Google Wallpapers made picking a new wallpaper fun and engaging on Pixel phones, Sounds does the same thing for ringtones.

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Download: Sounds (free)

Joe Maring

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