Photo EXIF data suggests Nexus 4 name for upcoming LG E960

The EXIF data of two newly posted images on Picasa suggest the LG built device that everyone assumes is coming soon will be called the Nexus 4. We've seen that name on both a Carphone Warehouse screen and from the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, However, this one carries a bit more weight as the fellow posting the pictures, Mehul Agarwal,  happens to be a software engineer for Google.

Yes, EXIF data can be faked. Yes, names can change -- especially when talking phones that haven't even been announced yet. But we have to think that if this information wasn't meant for the public it would have been removed by now, and I'm pretty confident in the Nexus 4 name after today's news.

Source: Picasa. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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