The Motorola Razr Plus 2024 could pack a game-changing camera upgrade

Motorola Razr Plus 2024 cover screen
(Image credit: Arsène Lupin / X)

What you need to know

  • A leaked video shows the Razr Plus 2024 will have a large 4-inch external display, dubbed the "largest, most intelligent display" on a foldable phone.
  • The Razr Plus 2024 is also expected to have an IPX8 rating, a significant upgrade from the current model's light spray protection.
  • The upcoming foldable may also incorporate AI-powered functionalities, including an "AI-powered" camera and Motorola's "Moto AI" suite.

Motorola is set to launch the next Razr series next week, but a new leak already hints at exciting features like a telephoto lens and improved water resistance, among others.

A short video clip, leaked by @MysteryLupin on X (formerly Twitter), has surfaced, revealing the next-generation Razr Plus' cover screen (via 9to5Google). The teaser claims it to be the "largest, most intelligent display" on a foldable phone, matching earlier rumors of a significant 4-inch external display on the Razr Plus 2024. In comparison, the standard Razr 2024 is rumored to have a slightly smaller 3.6-inch external display.

This larger display would dominate nearly the entire front of the upcoming Razr Plus. The leaked video also gives us a sneak peek at the slightly thinner bezels on the Razr Plus 2024's cover display compared to the 2023 model. Despite this minor tweak, the display still looks very similar to its predecessor.

We also get a glimpse of better water resistance for the device, with the teaser mentioning "underwater protection." This clue, along with a small disclaimer at the bottom of the video referring to an IPX8 rating, suggests the phone can handle submersion in water for a certain period of time.

Meanwhile, the current Moto Razr Plus only offers basic water protection with its IP52 rating, handling only light sprays. While it might not be dustproof, the boost in water resistance is a welcome upgrade.

Mobile photography enthusiasts will be excited to see a telephoto zoom lens in the Razr Plus 2024's camera setup, as shown in the leaked video. Rumor has it that Motorola is moving away from the dual-12MP setup, opting instead for a 50MP primary sensor paired with a 50MP telephoto lens offering 2x zoom.

The 2023 Moto Razr Plus features a standard camera and ultrawide sensor combo, but it misses out on telephoto capabilities. The new model seems to be changing the game by including a telephoto zoom lens, a rare feature for foldable flip phones.

Motorola's smartphones have often fallen short in the camera department, including the Razr series. However, the upcoming Razr Plus 2024 could mark a new chapter for foldable phone photography under the Motorola brand.

The Razr Plus 2024 also aims to carve out a niche in a market of AI-powered smartphones. The leaked video hints at an "AI-powered" camera and Motorola's "Moto AI" suite, suggesting advanced image processing and some AI features.

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