Samsung's foldables will get dust resistance — but it'll take some time

Taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5's new flat-folding hinge and raised camera lenses
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What you need to know

  • TM Roh, Samsung's mobile chief, states dust resistance will come to its foldables but is unclear as to when that'll happen.
  • Samsung will play catch up in this regard considering Razr Plus from Motorola is resistant to both water and dust.
  • Roh also anticipates that the Flip 5 will make up 65% of its foldable sales in 2023 after the Flip 3 accounted for 70% in 2021.

Dust resistance is a feature commonly missed out on by Samsung's foldables, but it looks like that could change with future models.

Samsung's mobile chief TM Roh teased as much in a press conference. "We are well aware of consumer demand for dustproofing, and we are making various efforts to achieve this, but due to the nature of foldables, there are many moving parts, so dustproofing is difficult," Roh stated, according to the Korean publication BizWatch (via Android Authority).

Roh added, "Please wait a little longer" on dust resistance for its foldable phones. Samsung will essentially be playing catch up in this area as Motorola's Razr Plus is currently the only foldable to offer any sort of dust resistance, coming in with an IP52 rating — resistance to water is included, as well.

Roh brought up the water resistance of Samsung's foldables which took a couple of iterations to come in. At Unpacked, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 debuted sporting an IPX8 water-resistant rating only, allowing the phones to be fully submerged.

Though the lack of dust resistance doesn't appear to dampen Samsung's outlook on its foldables, as Roh estimated the company would reach "30 million units in cumulative global sales" in 2023" The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is apparently a large part of this with Samsung expecting the clamshell to make up 65% of its total foldable sales this year, per Maeil business daily.

Shortly before Unpacked, Samsung boasted its foldable sales, stating its Flip 3 accounted for 70% of its profits in that area in 2021. Roh mentioned he expects demand for foldables to increase with its latest wave. However, the numbers may not reach the same height as previously seen.

Samsung recently revealed its Q2 2023 earnings, which saw a massive drop in profits compared to the same period in 2022. While this was anticipated by the company, Samsung has remained optimistic that its profits will turn around as we move into Q3 because of its recent wave of foldables.

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