After the iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung may push for a titanium Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra renders
(Image credit: OnLeaks/ SmartPrix)

What you need to know

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra is likely to opt for a titanium build, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro.
  • It's likely the material will be exclusive to just the Ultra.
  • Samsung might expand it to other devices based on the reception of the Ultra model.

Samsung is gearing up for an early release of its next flagship phones, the Galaxy S24 series. The leaks have shown us what to expect so far, and adding to that is a new report hinting at a titanium build of the Galaxy S24 Ultra model from the lot.

According to The Elec, Samsung is opting for a titanium build for the Galaxy S24 Ultra for the first time. It is likely the only model in the lot to sport the material when the phones are launched somewhere around January 2024 (per rumors). 

Apple is heavily marketing the titanium build on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro series, a step up from the stainless steel build used on the non-Pro models that makes them significantly lighter than the predecessors.

Samsung's utilization of titanium could generate similar results for the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. The tech giant is reportedly partnering with Chinese suppliers like Solomon, which processes the titanium alloy, notes The Elec. The titanium alloy is said to be glued to the back of the aluminum case that the upcoming flagship handset from Samsung ought to be shipping with.

While this makes Samsung the second big player after Apple in adopting the titanium build for its phones (of course, they're not the first to do so), two major players in the industry adapting to a new trend naturally means other OEM makers are likely to follow.

The Elec further indicates Samsung has been researching ways to implement titanium frames for its devices for the past couple of years, and the decision to go ahead with it has happened only recently, likely a result of Apple's heavy promotion.

Galaxy S24 Ultra renders

(Image credit: OnLeaks/ SmartPrix)

It isn't the first time we have heard about Samsung using titanium for the Ultra model. Early renders of the Galaxy S24 Ultra from OnLeaks have given us what to expect from the handset, including its renders and the speculation around the implementation of a titanium frame and how it would be significantly lighter than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    The big difference being that we would see a weight INCREASE by switching to titanium on the outer rail of the aluminium frame as opposed to the iPhone 15 super ultra pro mega max's weight decrease.

    All other things being equal.