Google's Pixel sales aren't hitting like Samsung

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What you need to know

  • Google reportedly sold 27.6 million units of the Pixel since 2016, equating to roughly 1/10 of the units sold by Samsung in 2021.
  • Samsung led the 2021 phone market by selling more than 270 million phones.
  • Google's struggles with selling its Pixel phone in the past have resulted in low sales with carriers as well as being beaten by Samsung's software improvements.

While Google's Pixel smartphones attract the eyes of many, sales of the Pixel lineup aren't exactly reaching astronomical levels, according to recent data.

Vlad Savov, tech editor for Bloomberg, tweeted some data regarding Google's sales in 2016. According to the data provided to him by the IDC (International Data Corporation), Google has sold 27.6 million units since 2016, which equates to 1/10 of the units sold by Samsung in 2021.

Savov then goes on to claim that Google would need "60 years to sell as many phones as Samsung does in one."

Cnet talked about something similar to this earlier this year. According to their article, Samsung led the smartphone market in 2021 by selling more than 270 million phones that year. The Korean OEM even beat out Apple — which is more of a brand competitor than it is to direct android competition. Samsung held 20% of the market share that year with its high amount of phone shipments.

A point some commentators make in Savov's replies pertaining to Google's Pixel sales lagging behind Samsung is that the Pixel isn't widespread in many markets. Another fact is how many phone models Samsung sells, you can even throw in many of its budget phones which contribute to its overall selling numbers, as well.

Google Pixel's struggling sales are no surprise despite it breaking records in Q4 2021. The issues the phone ran into there dealt with how it sold with carriers. The reports then also suggested that "outside Verizon, there seems to be nearly no interest in the Pixel line." Reports claimed that Google felt pressured to result to using "spiffs," a higher commission level for salespersons, to recommend the phone to more people over other devices.

An issue consumers have had with the Pixel 6 was not only their interest but also bugs in the software. Samsung has taken considerable strides to improve its software and is usually the first to update its phones with the latest security software days before Google does.

While the Pixel 6 Pro looked to have made a dent as far as Google is concerned, it'll be interesting to see how big of a splash the coming Pixel 7 will make in sales. Perhaps the improvement in the Pixel series' sales is an indication that Google is slowly moving in the right direction. With its MadeByGoogle event only a day away, we should continue to watch and see how things are different in a year's time.

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