Preorder the new Motorola Razr Plus for just $5/month with this AT&T deal

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Motorola Razr Plus preorders just went live this morning, and yet there's already an AT&T offer that drops a whopping $820 off the price of the phone. It works like this. Head to AT&T and preorder the foldable Razr Plus with monthly installments alongside an eligible unlimited plan, and the carrier will hook you up with an incredible discount that drops the price of the phone to a mere $5 per month for 36 months. No trade-in required. 

We expect other wireless carriers and retailers to begin launching their own preorder deals ahead of the Razr Plus' June 23rd release date, but this is without a doubt the best promotion we've seen thus far. If you're unfamiliar, the Razr Plus is the latest Motorola foldable to hit the US market, complete with a highly pocketable clamshell design with two vibrant displays, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, and a dual-axis hinge that's been tested to withstand 400,000 folds. We obviously haven't been using it that long, but our Motorola Razr Plus hands-on found that the phone achieved its initial goal of being all the things you'd want in a foldable: "immersive, functional, personal, and fun,". 

Get the new Motorola Razr Plus for just $5/month

Motorola Razr Plus:$999.99$5 per month for 36 months at AT&T

Motorola Razr Plus: $999.99 $5 per month for 36 months at AT&T

The Razr Plus isn't even out until June 23rd, and yet you can already order Motorola's newest foldable and pay just $5/month with this AT&T deal. No trade-in required, but you'll need to add a line with an eligible data plan and purchase the phone with a qualifying installment plan to receive those sweet, sweet savings. 

Obviously this deal makes the most sense if you're willing to update your wireless service, but if you can meet the eligibility requirements, you'll be first in line to receive one of the most innovative devices we've seen all year — for about the price of a monthly cup of coffee! 

Once your new phone arrives in the mail, don't forget to preserve all of your precious files by using our Android to Android transfer guide.

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