OnePlus now guarantees more Android updates than Google

Getting a software update on the OnePlus Nord N20 5G
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What you need to know

  • Starting in 2023, select new OnePlus phones will receive four generations of OxygenOS updates and five years of security updates.
  • OnePlus' previous policy included 3 years of major Android OS updates and 4 years of security patch for its most premium-tier phones, which is identical to Google's current Pixel update policy.
  • This puts OnePlus on equal footing with Samsung, who held the previous Android update crown.

OnePlus users who buy one of the company's new phones in 2023 will automatically get one big upgrade that gives OnePlus a big advantage over many of its competitors. Starting in 2023, select new OnePlus phones will now receive four major OxygenOS updates as well as five years of security updates.

That's an upgrade from the previous software update commitment for phones like the OnePlus 10T which offers three major OxygenOS updates and four years of security updates. OnePlus head of software products, Gary Chen, says the move "allows for longer replacement cycles for mobile devices," signaling a shift in thinking at the company "in response to changing market dynamics."

While OnePlus didn't specify which phones would receive an additional year of updates, it's likely that the company will follow its previous tiered update schedule based on device cost. The OnePlus 8, 9, and 10 line of phones — which debuted between $700 and $900 — all receive three major OS updates while less expensive phones like the OnePlus 7, OnePlus Nord, and Nord 2 only get two major OS updates.

The OnePlus Nord N20 and N200, two of the best budget Android phones, only receive one major OS update but still get three years of security updates. Those phones cost under $300 and $200, respectively, so it makes more sense that OnePlus wouldn't extend additional resources to give these phones more major updates over time since they're less expensive.

OnePlus will also be holding an Open Ears Forum in New York City on December 7 where Gary Chen will attend to discuss the state of OxygenOS.

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