Nothing phone (1) hands-on shows how it plans to illuminate the market

Nothing Phone rear lights when taking pictures
(Image credit: MKBHD)

What you need to know

  • Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) shared a hands-on video with the upcoming Nothing Phone.
  • The video showcases the Nothing Phone's unique LED lighting found on the back. 
  • The LED lights will turn on when notifications arrive, complete with some customization options.

If you have been waiting to learn more about what the Nothing Phone has to offer, then you're in luck. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) published a hands-on video showing off some of what the phone will be capable of when it officially launches.

The Nothing phone (1) won't actually be launched until mid-July, limiting what was able to be shown in the video. But what MKBHD did share is the unique LED lighting system that will be on the back of the phone. This system is said to be comprised of "over 900 LEDs" across five different arrays. 

There's also a "Glyph Interface" found in the Settings app of the Nothing phone that provides an array of different styles that can be applied. Each of these are unique in that they light up different areas of the phone, and can be applied to specific apps or contacts. 

Nothing is also baking in some unique features when it comes to taking pictures or recording videos. The Glyph array can be used as a "fill light for the cameras," providing users a bit of extra light when they need it. There's also a blinking red LED on the back that appears whenever you are recording a video.

Lastly, MKBHD showed off some of the charging features that are tied to the lights on the back of the Nothing Phone. When you are either wireless charging or reverse wireless charging, the lights around the wireless charging pad will turn on. And when you plug in a USB-C charging cable, the lights at the bottom of the phone illuminate to not only show that the Phone is charging but also to provide an indication of how much battery is available.

The Nothing Phone is definitely shaping up to be one of the more interesting devices of the year. But we'll have to wait until July to determine whether it ranks among the best Android phones. Nothing looks like it could disrupt the market a bit with its first smartphone, and we're hoping this pans out.

Andrew Myrick
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