Nothing phone (1) is now up for pre-order — but there's a catch

Nothing phone (1)
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What you need to know

  • Nothing has kicked off phone (1) invite-only pre-orders for members of its private community. 
  • The brand is sending out unique invite codes to eligible members, and they'll be able to reserve the device. However, the invite code doesn't work as of writing.
  • For everyone else, Nothing's website has a waitlist for pre-order passes. 

Nothing has garnered a lot of attention for its upcoming phone, and while the phone (1) is set for an official debut on July 12, the brand is giving its private community members a chance to pick up the device before anyone else. 

Nothing has sent out invites for pre-order passes, and this allows members to secure the right to buy the phone (1) by paying a token amount. For users in India, that comes out to ₹2,000 ($25).

Those that received the invite have until June 30 to pay the amount, with Nothing noting that doing so will make users eligible for pre-order offers and discounts on phone (1) accessories. 

These invite-only pre-orders are usually convoluted, and that's no different this time, as stated by Nothing: "The pass only guarantees your access to pre-order phone (1), but it’s not the actual pre-order itself."

So how do you get your hands on the phone itself, you ask? If you've received the invite code, you'll need to secure the pre-order pass before June 30, then head to the relevant retailer — that's Flipkart in India — on July 12 and choose your designed variant of the phone (1) and accessories. 

The amount you pay to secure the pre-order pass will be deducted from the total, and Nothing says that these customers will get the device before the general public. 

If you're not a community member and want to get in on the pre-orders, Nothing has a waitlist on its site that you can join. 

Nothing phone (1) pre-order not working

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Got all of that? You'd imagine that if you climbed your way through the waitlist and picked up a pass, it would be straightforward to claim it. 

That isn't the case. I got my invite code for the pre-order pass a few hours ago, but Flipkart doesn't recognize the landing page, and there's no way to secure the pre-order pass. 

It's frustrating that Nothing hasn't figured this out before going live with the passes, particularly considering those that are receiving said invites are part of its private community. 

I'll update this post should the situation change, but for now, if you're keen on getting your hands on the phone (1) before others, your best bet is to join the waitlist

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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