Nothing CEO Carl Pei gives his honest thoughts on the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro lock screen with Dynamic Island
(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Nothing CEO Carl Pei gives his honest thoughts on the iPhone 14 Pro in a review video.
  • Pei spoke highly of the iPhone 14's camera capabilities but also noted its Dynamic Island was a bit overhyped.
  • Nothing CEO also spoke on the profit margin of the iPhone 14 Pro for Apple stating the company could receive a 50% margin back while the Phone (1) offers a 0% margin.
  • In the end, the iPhone 14 Pro is one of the top phones in terms of cameras and performance but the Nothing Phone (1) offers a unique experience.

Nothing has done an interesting review with its CEO Carl Pei and the latest Apple iPhone release.

A member of Nothing's Content Team purchased an iPhone 14 Pro from their local Apple Store to have Pei review the device. He took the iPhone 14 Pro with him for a couple of days to get a deeper understanding of the phone and to craft his thoughts for his honest review video of the product.

After the test period of using the iPhone 14 Pro as a secondary phone, Carl Pei begins with its design. He started by speaking about the phone's notch at the top, which has been coined the "Dynamic Island." While Pei thinks this is a smart design choice by Apple, he also believes the feature to be a little overhyped.

His colleague then brought up the common comparison of saying that the Nothing Phone (1) looks like an iPhone. Pei responded by saying he was a little annoyed by that fact but could also live with the comparison when it came to some aspects, like the side buttons. OF course, the backs of both the phones do look quite different, as Nothing's CEO points out, seeing as the Phone (1) features the Glyph lighting interface on its rear.

Holding up the Nothing phone (1) with its glyph lights illuminated in front of Govee Hex and Glide lights in the background

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Aside from design, Pei goes on to talk about the displays, cameras, OS experience, and pricing, where he points out the difference between Apple's insane profit margins on the iPhone 14 Pro and Nothing's with the Phone (1).

In his final words, Carl Pei states the iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best phones on the market with its cameras and performance. However, if consumers are interested in being different and trying something new, the Nothing Phone (1) should be their go-to as it is also offered at less than half the price of its competitor and continues to impress, even when stacked up against many of the best cheap Android phones.

You can watch the video below for Pei's full thoughts on the iPhone 14 Pro.

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