Samsung rumored to stuff even more megapixels in future camera sensors

Taking a photo with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Samsung is rumored to begin production of larger ISOCELL sensors coming in at 200MP (HP7), 50MP (GN6), and 440MP (HU1).
  • A rumored 320MP is possible and could arrive on the Galaxy S26 Ultra.
  • The HP7 sensor was rumored to arrive on the S25 Ultra. However, it's stated Samsung canned the idea due to its "high cost."

A recent string of rumors suggests Samsung will soon ramp up production of cameras with a substantial megapixel count.

The rumors stem from X leaker Tech_Reve, who states Samsung will begin production of new ISOCELL sensors at 200MP (HP7), 50MP (GN6), and 440MP (HU1) later in 2024. The leaker added there's apparently a 320MP sensor, as well, somewhere in the mix that could find its way onto the back of the Galaxy S26 Ultra.

Though these are some hefty camera numbers, Tech_Reve theorizes that the new large sensors probably won't make it onto a Samsung Galaxy phone. The HP7 sensor was allegedly destined to arrive on the S25 Ultra. However, Samsung reportedly tossed that to the side due to its "high cost."

The GN6 sensor could still see the light as rumors state Chinese manufacturers may utilize its power in the region.

It's unclear what Samsung would use these larger camera sensors for, at the moment. What is clear is that we're quite a ways out from an S25 and an S26 series release, so things will definitely change as we progress.

Samsung already built a 200MP camera into the Galaxy S23 Ultra using the ISOCELL HP2 sensor with a 0.6µm pixel size. While there isn't a glaring difference in this regard between the HP2 and HP7 sensors, it makes one wonder what was so cost-obstructive about the latter.

Samsung's work in bettering its cameras has been the talk for quite a while as facing our immediate future is the Galaxy S24 Ultra. A recent string of leaks suggests the next Ultra model will feature a 3x 50MP telephoto lens alongside an improved 5x zoom. This upgraded version would essentially replace the 10MP telephoto camera that this year's version offers.

The leaks added three other cameras: a 200MP main shooter, 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 10MP periscope lens might join the newly rumored telephoto sensor.

If all of this comes to pass, it'll be a good upgrade for those trying to capture higher-quality up-close shots, as Samsung hasn't really touched the strength of the telephoto camera for quite some time.

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