Google Pixel 8a live photos show off big bezels and a rounded design

The back of the Charcoal Google Pixel 7a

What you need to know

  • Real-world photos of the Pixel 8a have leaked, revealing a matte finish on the back, a departure from previous models.
  • The leaked photos show the Pixel 8a's rounded corners, following the design language of the Pixel 8.
  • The leaked images show the Pixel 8a with thick bezels, consistent with past A-series Pixel models.

Google Pixel 8a leaks seem to be out of control, with the supposed specs and renders plastered all over the web. Now there's a new leak claiming to show off live photos of Google's next mid-range model.

TechDroider posted a couple of real-world photos of the Google Pixel 8a on X (formerly Twitter). One shows the front, and the other gives a peek at the back. The back sports a matte finish, a change from the shiny back panel we saw on the Pixel 7a.

Along with the matte back, the leaked photos show the Pixel 8a has rounded corners, sticking to the rounded look Google introduced with the Pixel 8.

It remains unknown where the images came from, but they reveal a device with noticeable bezels. Actually, the bezels around the phone's edges are pretty thick, but this lines up with what we've seen on past A-series Pixel models.

Big bezels aren't necessarily a bad thing, but these leaks do make the Pixel 8a look a bit budget-friendly. Maybe it's just the angle of the photos, though. Hopefully the real phone has slimmer bezels.

These images also offer a sneak peek at the rumored 6.1-inch screen. Previous rumors suggest that the Pixel 8a might be the first in its series to sport a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

Earlier leaks have suggested that the Pixel 8a might pack some nice upgrades under the hood. It's rumored to come with Google's latest Tensor G3 chip, which should deliver a performance boost compared to the Pixel 7a.

The camera setup might stay the same with a 64MP main sensor and a 13MP ultrawide sensor, but that's still a pretty good combo.

Pixel 8a leaks are painting a picture of a handset ready to reclaim its spot as a top contender in the mid-range device category. However, rumors suggest that the phone might come with a significant price increase, which could be a downside for some potential buyers.

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  • Mooncatt
    I want to welcome the return of the bezel, but it's still just a Google phone. Maybe next time they will also remove the camera cutouts and bring back screen corners so my content isn't being cut off by holes and curves.
  • jimbarr
    I always add a Spigen case to every "a" series I buy, and it always slightly overlaps, so that "giant" bezel is a complete non-issue. YMMV, of course.