Pixel 7 Pro's 'sticky' scrolling may get smoother as Google preps a fix

Holding the hazel Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A Google software engineer has responded about the "sticky" and "janky" scrolling on the Pixel 7 Pro.
  • The issue has been acknowledged and a solution should roll in an upcoming software update.
  • Users still grappling with this annoying problem may see a fix come in by March with the next Pixel Feature Drop.

Google may be on the verge of correcting a frustrating display issue on its latest Pixel flagships.

In a thread detailing the Pixel 7 Pro's jittery scrolling that began in November, users may finally see light at the end of the tunnel after continuously reporting uncomfortable display issues (via Android Police). Recently, a Google software engineer has responded to the complaint, saying they are aware of this scrolling issue and are "working on improvements for an upcoming software update."

While users have continuously reported the janky and, at times, "sticky" feeling when scrolling on their Pixel 7 Pro, Google seems to have been quietly working on rectifying the problem. Some users have found some breathing room since the latest Android QPR2 Beta 3 build shipped for those enrolled in the program. However, while the stutter-step scrolling is less frequent for some, it's not as widespread with the beta build as others would hope since there are those still experiencing it quite often.

It wasn't long after the Google Pixel 7 Pro launched that users reported issues manifesting on their displays while scrolling. Many reports revolved around similar "janky" or "sticky" feelings when attempting to scroll on their device while also experiencing the odd keyboard fumble while typing. Relief was sporadic back then as it is now, with some finding relief in basic software patches while others were left to groan through the problems.

Google hasn't publically commented on the issues with its Pixel 7 Pro's display to users (until now) nor to us after we reached out for comment last year. While frustrating, the engineer's outlook on the issue being fixed could come through the next Pixel Feature Drop, which should roll out in March. Hopefully, all of the annoying problems with the Pro model's displays will be properly solved.

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