Want the Nothing Phone (2) for less than $600? Dbrand has Something for you

Dbrand's Something (Dark) case for the Galaxy S23 series.
(Image credit: Dbrand)

What you need to know

  • Dbrand launches Something (Dark), a second iteration of phone cases and skins with sharp callbacks to Nothing's transparent phones.
  • The overall design of the cases have been kept mostly the same, despite coming in black, but subtle changes are in effect to reflect the Nothing Phone (2).
  • Dbrand has also added a few of Apple's laptops to the fray, as well, with its latest "plagiarized" launch.

Dbrand is at it again with a new round of Nothing-inspired cases for a slew of devices following the company's latest launch.

Today, Dbrand launches Something (Dark), a series of black colorway phone and laptop cases and skins inspired by Nothing's transparent phones such as the Phone (1). The company has done so right on the heels of the company's global launch of the Nothing Phone (2), as well. Although, the name this time around feels like a callback to Nothing's trend in naming additional products such as the Ear (stick).

The overall design of the cases and skins look pretty similar to Dbrand's first release. Although, it looks like the company took the liberty of updating its Something (Dark) release with cues from the Phone (2), updating its rear design to better reference Nothing's newest design language.

The new cases are available for the following devices:

  • iPhone 14 series
  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 13 series 
  • Pixel 7 series 
  • Pixel 6 series 
  • Galaxy Ultra models (S21, S22, S23
  • MacBook Air 13/15 
  • MacBook Pro 13/14/16

Dbrand continues to feature the same jabs made at Nothing during its first "Something" launch in 2022. However, consumers will find many mentions of the word "light" are crossed out to ensure the company is keeping to its darker theme.

In a press release, Dbrand reiterates its 2022 launch, stating, "in 2022, we plagiarized nothing..." The company continues, saying, "in 2023, we're plagiarizing ourselves."

Last year, Dbrand released its first wave of Something phone cases in a bright white colorway. The first wave of cases also mocked Nothing's inability to launch its first phone in the U.S. market due to the sheer amount of cost required to do so in the market.

Dbrand has also changed up how it'll look to jab Nothing this time around stating, "Competing against Apple can't be easy. You're starting from nothing." The case company states, "50% of Americans prefer their fruit-branded phone over your fancy new flashlight" and that Nothing will be facing an uphill battle in the U.S.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei sat down for an interview before the launch of the Phone (2) to discuss the ways he and the company will look to tackle Apple's iPhone as it heavily dominates the U.S. market.

Consumers can purchase a Something (Dark) case for an eligible Google or Samsung phone beginning at $49.90. If Apple is your choice, consumers will find a starting price of $54.90.

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