Customer claims Samsung still owes them more than $35,000 in trade-in credit

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What you need to know

  • A customer claims that Samsung still owes them over $35,000 in trade-in credit.
  • The customer purchased 125 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultras through its business channel for employees with trade-in.
  • They have received $9,713 of trade-in credit from the second and third order but is claiming to still be missing the largest portion of credit from the first order.

A customer purchasing smartphones through Samsung's business channel is apparently missing more than $35,000 in trade-in credit. The customer says they are still owed trade-in credit for purchasing more than 100 phones.

The issue began when the customer went to purchase 125 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultras with trade-in for employees through the company's business channel. The customer complained about their experience on Reddit (via SamMobile), claiming that Samsung owed them $45,593 in trade-in credit.

The customer on Reddit broke down their purchases of these phones, which were in stages. The first order for 50 phones was made on April 15, the second order of 50 phones on May 3, and the final third purchase for an additional 25 phones was made on June 8.

As time went on, Samsung did provide most of the trade-in credit for the second and third orders, although the customer calculated that roughly $9,713 was still missing from these credits. According to the customer, the trade-in credit from the first order was never received. This has left the customer with the claim of roughly $45,000 of missing trade-in credit.

SamMobile references Samsung's trade-in policy, which states that "trade-ins should take no longer than eight business days to be processed and confirmed via email." However, it has been an excess of two months since the trade-in claim began and the credit from the first order had yet to come through.

That said, the Redditor has stated that their credit card company has closed off two of the disputes and credited $9,713 back to the customer. However, the first and largest claim is still pending.

Android Central has reached out to Samsung for a comment but did not receive word yet in time for publication.

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