Live streaming app Periscope is rolling out some new features intended to boost the experience of checking out replay broadcasts. One of the main new features included in the latest update is "Replay Highlights," which create a "short trailer" for each replay, Periscope says. This should give you a good idea of what to expect from a replay before diving in for more, or simply make combing through your feed to find the best bits much faster.

Periscope's 'Highlights' will let you peek at the best parts of a replay before diving in

For Android users specifically, Periscope says that a new autoplay feature will also be rolling out to the Watch Tab and Global Feed. Now, when scrolling through either section of the app, each broadcast will start playing automatically as you scroll through your feed without any input needed. And lastly, for those browsing the web, Periscope broadcasts can now be viewed in embedded tweets on any site.

Periscope says that Replay Highlights and autoplay will be rolling out in updates over the coming days, so be sure to keep an eye out for a forthcoming update on Google Play.