Periscope frees replays from their mobile shackles, now available on web browsers

Twitter-owned Periscope is bringing one of the most useful aspects of its mobile apps to the web: replays. Now, when a stream ends, you'll be able to watch it again from a web browser for up to 24 hours after it concludes.

Replays were already a part of the Android app since Periscope launched earlier this year, but those viewing from a browser had been left out in the cold. Now you have another option for replaying those streams (so long as it's within 24 hours). This follows an update to the Android app that landed earlier today, bringing the ability to login with your phone number, and much more.

While we're on the topic of Periscope, did you know a number of us here on the Mobile Nations team are regularly broadcasting? You can check out who to follow, including the official Android Central account, from the link below.

Who you should be following on Periscope

Source: Periscope (Twitter)