Pebble Time gets updated to firmware version 3.4

If you own Pebble's latest smartwatch, the Pebble Time, you may have noticed a firmware update is available for your watch. The update, which bumps the watch to firmware version 3.4, brings a few new features that some will find very useful. First up, support for Spanish, French, and German localization. This means that menus, displays, and voice languages are now available in these choices.

Next up is Quiet Time, which silences Pebble notifications and vibrations when you need to focus. You can manually set Quiet Time, have it auto-set based on your calendar, set automatic times for weekdays or weekends, or have it so only phone calls notify your wrist.

Finally, Stand-By Mode is a new power-saving feature that automatically deactivates your Pebble's Bluetooth when you are motionless for 30 minutes. Once you pick it up, put it back on or move, it will connect again. This feature is in beta currently, and is turned off by default. Pebble claims Stand-By Mode can draw about 50 percent less power when stationary.

You can grab the latest update for your Pebble Time by heading into the Pebble Time app on your smartphone and checking for an update.

Source: Pebble

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