Behold, the Pebble Steel, retail version. We're still not big on unboxings around here. But, damn it, when a company puts a little effort into it, we'll suck it up.

Pebble Steel comes in a box about twice the size of the original Pebble. And there's a good reason for that — Pebble Steel is transported on a billowy, cushiony cloud. As a $250 smartwatch should be. The leather strap came attached, and you'll find the steel links (I went for stainless) behind the first-level flap, which helpfully points you to start out at And beneath that you'll find the new proprietary charging cable. 

The only thing missing, really, is any explanation of how to swap out the bands. You're on your own for that. And if you're like me, you're going to need some help with it.

I'll have some more thoughts on Pebble Steel once we've got more time with it on our wrist — and, more important, once the Pebble appstore is official available on Android. For now, make do with some pics after the break.