Path has just been updated to add private messaging, stickers and "The Shop" to fall in line with the update that hit iOS yesterday. If you're not familiar, Path is a social network that is limited to a set number of friends, which is meant to enhance the relationships you build with the smaller group. This latest update is hoping to help with that by offering private messaging between users, as well as "stickers" that can be sent back and forth. Some of the stickers are free, but others are paid -- in the range of $0.99 to $1.99. If you want to make a sticker purchase, you'll have to head to The Shop, where you can also buy filters for photos you post (a la Instagram) at $0.99 a piece.

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The update certainly adds a useful feature in the form of private messages, but still leaves us scratching our heads over paid stickers and photo filters. If you haven't checked out Path in a while, maybe the new update is worth it for you to give another look. You can grab a download from the Play Store link above.