Participating Subway restaurants will accept Google Wallet

Fans of footlongs and 4G will soon be able to pay for their sandwiches using Google Wallet. The restaurant chain has announced (and we've also been tipped with an internal Subway e-mail -- there's a first) its intention to full support NFC purchases with Google Wallet at more than 7,000 restaurants by April 2012. Also in 2012, expect full support for Subway Cards.

Restaurants in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, among others, have already been receiving the NFC hardware, and the rest should get them by the end of the year.

Hit the break for the internal Subway e-mail, or find the official press release here.

SUBWAY® restaurants has partnered with Google to be one of the first merchants to accept payments through Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile devices. Google Wallet is an Android appliation that stores digital versions of your payment cards, along with your coupons, loyalty cards and gift cards, on your phone. Customers can "swipe" their phones to make purchases. Google Wallet is compatible with the Nexus S 4G smartphone, available on Sprint®.Google has provided SUBWAY® restaurants in the US the ability to accept credit card payments from compatible NFC mobile devices.* Initially, Google Wallet will support MasterCard PayPass cards and the Google prepaid card.In addition to credit card payments, the second phase [of] this project (coming in 2012) will integrate full SUBWAY® Card functionaly, as well as restaurant promotions and coupons, with the Google Wallet application.Google Wallet RolloutRestaurants in Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, and other locations around the country were the first to receive the NFC reader device. By the end of 2011, approximately 7,600 US restaurants will be accepting mobile payments. IPC will ship the NFC reader devices directly to participating restaurants. In addition to the readres, FAF will send each restaurant a marketing kit that includes support materials from FAF, Google and MasterCard. Do not display the marketing materials until you have received the reader. DAs in participating markets will be contacted by IPC with instructions and shipment information.* Because NFC devices do not expose transactions and are handled by Google, there will be no End-to-End Encryption updates or additional hardware needed to participate in Google Wallet.

  • um. why does Jared have a milk mustache with no milk in the picture?
    or--is it a reference to 'Ice Cream Sandwich NFC capabilities' (even though gingerbread builds have it)
  • It's a photoshop pic of got milk ad
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  • Read the small print at the bottom of the poster and you'll see why.
  • Lol agree with project... No mustache needed... Were not that slow... Lol but awesome...
  • Read the fine print on the pic. The phone is photoshopped. Its a milk advertisement
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  • We need more places to do this. What nexus is he holding, it looks almost as big as his sandwich. Something is wrong, ohhhhh look at this... NO PHONE!
  • Yeah, because, you know, swiping a credit or debit card is just SOOOOO difficult compared to getting your phone out of a case, powering it on, unlocking the screen, finding an launching a "Wallet" app, maybe entering a password, etc. Yep. The future is bright.
  • The future is bright, especially when youre not walking around closed minded. What if you forgot your wallet at home or in the car but just so happen to have your cell phone. Better buy some shades homie....its only going to get brighter.
  • Eh, having a credit card doesn't prevent you from using cash. Just like having NFC doesn't stop you from using credit card or cash. You just have another option. If you use it often, you'll probably make it easy to find. And if you can get ready while you're in line, it may be easier than dealing with their stupid machine, then repeating what type of card it is verbally, and all the other stupid stuff you have to do with credit/debit cards. Not to mention, any interaction is exactly the same each time, because it's on your phone, not some stupid punch pad. EDIT: I bet you're also statistically less likely to get sick than touching all those grubby screens...
  • Is it just me..or does that Nexus s look HUGE in his hands?
  • +1 I was getting ready to ask the same thing!
  • Might have taken a little liberty with the photoshop. :p
  • It had to be at least as big as the milk glass it replaced :)
  • if you think the Nexus is big, imagine the size of whatever gave him that white moustache...
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