Pandora now using Play Store to manage One monthly subscriptions

Pandora users wishing to upgrade from a free to paid account via the Android app can now manage their subscription directly in Google Play. Following a link in the settings of the app now takes you to a Play Store in-app purchase page to start the subscription. A Pandora One account will still set you back the same $3.99 (plus tax, at least in my state,) but this way it will be tied to your Google account. The terms right on the Play Store payment page explain that the app will continue to charge you on a monthly basis via Google Wallet.

This is a really nice way to manage subscriptions for many people, as having things tied to your Google account is usually better than individual logins and payment processes for each service. The new functionality is included in the latest version of the Pandora app, available at the Play Store link above.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • This is good for Google play. hopefully more devs do this
  • This is great for google wallet too! I want to see google wallet catch on so bad!
  • Google Wallet as referred to in this article is not the same as Google Wallet NFC app.
  • Right, but "Google Wallet" combines all of Google's payment systems into one, all tied to your Google account. Whether you're buying a cheeseburger at McDonald's or a magazine subscription on the Play Store it's still Google Wallet.
  • ^^Word. Exactly. Love the new gWallet app UI too.
  • Nice, I'm paid up for a while still but nice to know next time around.
  • No more annual option? Wasn't it something like $36 a year?
  • That's what I paid a month ago. I hope it'll still have that option come December.
  • I hopped on the Pandora website and it's still there. Hopefully they'll get it in the Play Store as well, rather than abandoning it.