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Pandora Google Glass app lets users stream music to their eyewear

Google has added support for the Pandora Internet radio service to Google Glass, enabling current owners to access streaming music and listen to it on their eyewear via a newly released MyGlass app.

A quick post on the Google+ account for Google Glass stated:

"Jump to one of your favorite music channels or start a new one if the mood strikes you. Pandora's bringing the music you love to Glass. Name a favorite song, artist or composer and get the party started. "

Pandora has a more extensive look at the app on their blog, stating that it began as a fun hack-a-thon project at the company. The result was good enough for Pandora to show it to Google, and they were so impressed by it it became an official app for Glass. It added:

"Built by Pandora, our Glassware allows you to access your personalized radio stations from wherever you are, interacting with the service through voice command or by using the touchpad. Supported voice commands for Pandora include selecting an existing station and creating a new one. For a more advanced experience, you can use the touchpad, which offers the ability to thumb-up and thumb-down tracks, as well as access standard controls like pause, skip and stop."

What do you think of Pandora joining the small but growing Google Glass app family?

Source: Google Glass on Google+, Pandora blog (opens in new tab)

  • Good for Pandora. I hope Gecko Design can help Google turn this nerdy/creepy looking device into a more acceptable and stylish design. I don't see anyone outside of the helathcare industry buying this. Posted via Android Central App
  • Except for folks in the construction industry. Or folks who want their own HUD while driving. Or rabid Ingress players (seriously, they'd crap themselves over a Glass app). Or journalists and bloggers. And maybe adventure sports enthusiasts. Plus nerds in general. And cops. Maybe teachers to show what they're doing when they're teaching someone how to do something. Or students to record lectures.
    But overall you're right. Nobody. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's pretty cool. AC App via Nexus 5