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Android Market has the highest percentage of free apps

Everybody loves free apps. We definitely don't mind paying for premium, high-quality applications (the developers deserve it!) but there are few things that beat a wide selection of quality, free applications. Luckily, Android has free apps in droves. According to Distimo, Android Market has the highest concentration of free applications with respect to the total amount of applications available. Basically with 57% of applications being free, Android Market has the highest percentage of free applications of any app store.

To be fair, Android Market only allows paid applications in 11 countries (compared to the iPhone App Store's 77) so there's a bit of uneven playing field going here but compared to the rest of the app stores, Android Market is far and away the leader in free applications. Add that to the thousands of reasons why we love Android.

[readwriteweb via androidandme]

  • This is great, now keep them coming
  • hmm. i dont believe the blackberry one....
  • Palm is second. I thought it would be obvious that the two up and coming OS would have a lot of free aps cuz of devs testing the waters ,but its still nice.
  • Android also makes it extremely easy for the "Hobby Programmer" to put free apps out there for the world. While I'll agree that most of these won't be spectacular apps, there is bound to be a few diamonds in the rough. I'm certainly not afraid to spend a few bucks to support the author of some software that I like, but it's nice to see so many free apps on the table.
  • This just proves how sheepish the iCult is. They'll blindly shell out money to anything with an Apple logo on it. {{-_-}}