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OPPO will show off its in-display camera phone at MWC Shanghai on June 26

What you need to know

  • OPPO's latest teaser suggests it will show off its first phone with an in-display camera at MWC Shanghai.
  • OPPO shared a video earlier this month that showed off the tech in action, with the camera module embedded underneath the display.
  • We'll likely get more details on a commercial launch at the event.

Earlier this month, OPPO gave us an early look at its in-display camera technology. The teaser video showed off a phone that featured a camera module embedded directly underneath the display, thereby eliminating a need for a cutout or motorized slider.

OPPO has now announced that it will be showcasing the tech at MWC Shanghai, which is slated to take place from June 26 to June 29. GizmoChina spotted the teaser on Weibo, and the halo in the image corresponds to the in-display camera module that we've seen in the video earlier this month.

Xiaomi is also working on an in-display solution of its own, but it looks like OPPO will beat it to the punch. It'll be interesting to see how the tech works in action, with OPPO VP Brian Shen noting that it won't be on the same level as regular camera modules:

At this stage, it's difficult for under-display cameras to match the same results as normal cameras, there's bound to be some loss in optical quality. But, no new technology jumps to perfection right away.

We should also get more details on when OPPO plans to launch a phone with an in-display camera sensor.

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  • Looks like Samsung has completely lost their edge and are now like Apple. Playing the catchup game.
  • The people working for other companies aren't morons. Must Samsung be first at developing all new technology ?
  • I'm with Adegbenroagoro here... Samsung doesn't always have to be the 1st. Nor are they actually ever really the 'first' in alot of things... They weren't the first with curved displays. And while I think they were the first with AMOLED displays, they are not actually the 'best' displays currently. OLED panels are. And those aren't really used much in smartphones currently either. There's tons of tech that they use currently but didn't actually develop themselves 'first'.