Oppo's F series promises to offer mid-range phones with great cameras

In a press statement, Oppo has announced plans to introduce a new product series with photography as its central focus. Founded in 2004, Oppo entered the mobile phone market in China in 2008, with the vendor's handsets currently available for purchase online in over 50 additional countries.

The F series stems from the growing demand for premium-quality mobile photography experiences globally. The company claims that their research has indicated strong consumer recognition that "Oppo shoots great photos".

According to Sky Li, Oppo Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business:

The F series will inherit the excellent camera and exquisite design tradition that have earned accolades for Oppo's flagship series. The series will bring devices with impressive specs, eye-catching style and amazing prices that will have consumers doing double takes on the excellent specs and build quality.

The F series will be a core product series for Oppo in 2016, and allow even wider range of users to experience Oppo's technology and innovation in photography.

Abhishek Baxi