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Opera Mini 7.5 has been released, which is the first significant update to the browser since it launched over the spring. Opera Mini now has something called a Smart Page, which provides a broad overview of what's going on online, and includes separate tabs for social, news, and suggested links. 

As always, Opera Mini compresses your web viewing so it zips along much more speedily than it would if being processed locally. That's the theory, anyway. Opera's been doing this kind of thing for a long time, and have become pretty good at it. There are some other fancier features, like Link, which syncs up history, bookmarks, and notes from your browsing with the desktop (though that means you've got to be using Opera on your computer too). 

Which mobile browser do you use? Is the stock Android browser good enough, or is there something in particular that third parties that you can't get elsewhere? Anyone interested in giving this one a shot?

Source: Opera