Opera Max on Android

Opera Software, best known for their mobile web browser, has updated their Opera Max app management tool for Android with a new feature that should allow users on public Wi-Fi networks to have a faster experience. Opera says:

When you sign on to the public Wi-Fi hotspot at the airport or your local café and find yourself competing with 150 other people, you've probably experienced that the connection is as slow as a turtle. This is when Opera Max can help you. Just activate the Wi-Fi Savings setting and Opera Max will get to work, compressing the data needed to run apps.

In addition, Opera Max offers a way to monitor the data that each app is using and gives users a way to control it:

Opera Max will show you a breakdown of exactly which apps are affecting your device the most. From there, you have the power to control which apps you want running on your mobile network, or Wi-Fi only, or not at all! Also, with the new "Blocked apps" section , you can easily see which apps are the main culprits and block them, whenever you want, at the tap of your screen.

Finally, Opera Max has switched to a Material Design-based user interface and navigation pattern with a navigation drawer.

Source: Opera