Opera CEO Says Opera Mobile Coming to Android

Opera CEO, Jon Von Tetzchner, recently stated that their full-fledged browser Opera Mobile will be coming to Android. To quote:

"Yes, we are working on an Android version," von Tetzchner said.

He doesn't give a specific timeline but hopefully it comes out sooner than later. Opera Mini is currently available on Android but Opera Mini doesn't contain the full capabilities of Opera Mobile. Opera Mobile is more powerful and full featured, rendering HTML on the device to access interactive services like those using AJAX and the ability for tabbed browsing. Opera Mobile also includes a download manager, flexible bookmark management, and is reported to be fairly speedy. Opera Mini can only reformat web pages through Opera's servers to deliver in a mobile friendly format.

We're pretty sure Opera Mobile is the best way to go in the Mobile vs Mini argument but we're more excited to see if Opera Mobile can hang with the already great Android Browser. What do you guys think?


Casey Chan
  • Greeeat news!! That's what I was waiting for! Thanks Opera!
  • Actually, I am thrilled to expect Opera Mobile. Frankly, I don't use Opera Mini on my G1, because it doesn't seem to be working properly with touchscreen. Is anyone experiencing the same?
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