Moving from the iPhone to OnePlus One? There's a guide for that, too

In light of Google releasing a handy switch guide for consumers jumping across to Android from iOS, OnePlus have published a small guide of their own to help get new customers started with their new CyanogenMod-powered smartphone. If you're making the switch from iOS to the OnePlus One, this guide may answer the majority of your questions.

The OnePlus guide covers bringing across contacts, setting up Google Play Music (with the free 20,000 song upload limit), the transfer of photos between the mobile platforms, configuring email accounts, downloading new apps, and more. There are also some neat customizable options on the OnePlus One that require little to no effort at all to change.

Interested to learn more? If so, hit the link below for the full guide. Our own guides have looked at bringing across your iTunes collection, as well as your iCloud-stored contacts.

Source: OnePlus

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Rich Edmonds