I can't buy a phone from OnePlus until it cares about privacy and security

Dear OnePlus,

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Steal my data and I'll never settle for using one of your products ever again.

OK, maybe steal is a bit harsh. I guess it's possible that getting caught up in user data controversies twice in six months then allowing someone else to steal customer financial data for the same six months and waiting a week to do anything about it after someone else exposed it is a happy little accident. Stranger things have happened.

But either way, it's time to stop giving money — and second or third chances — to a company that obviously doesn't treat our personal data with enough care.

OnePlus either doesn't care or isn't capable of handling user data properly. Either way, it means they don't deserve any of it.

Before you hunt me down for saying this, you need to know that I advised we temper our response to the first instance of improper data collection when asked about it. I get looped in when it comes to anything about privacy or security because we are a team and that's the role I play. I can't remember exactly what was said, but the conversation went something like, "This is no different than anything Samsung or Moto or LG does except they didn't explicitly tell you when you first signed into the phone," and I really did feel that way.

I also thought you almost did it right when you owned up to it all and promised to move the opt-out setting somewhere that a new user would actually see it instead of hiding it. Analytics are important for every company that makes a product and they are hard to do without your customers feeling like they are a dairy heifer.

Clippy knows all your secrets.

Next, we saw some sketchy behavior from the clipboard app. The clipboard is not something you want being used for data collection of any kind; you use it for web URLs, passwords, and all sorts of things you don't want anyone to see. Your explanation makes sense — it's left over from the Chinese version of the operating system and it doesn't send the data it collects anywhere. Why you're collecting clipboard data from users in China is the next question you need to answer, but I'll chalk it up to an overworked developer missing it and leaving it there. It happens.

The holy grail of user data — your credit card

The saga about customer credit card data fraud (opens in new tab) is a mess, but a mess that can happen to any company. I don't believe the explanation — that a malicious script was injected into payment code — but if it is true there is still the whole thing about you knowing there was a problem for a week but still leaving everything in place and causing the theft of even more credit card information.

None of these things happened in a bubble. Each is a serious mishandling of your customers' trust and privacy and you now fall under the three-strike rule. You're out.

Money isn't everything

The fact that a new OnePlus 5T is at least several hundred dollars cheaper than a comparable phone from Google or Samsung or Apple is not lost on me. But that ignores the other costs. One's personal data is valuable to all these companies, but each one does a better job at handling it than you, OnePlus.

I could attribute this to you being new at all this, except that your parent company, OPPO Guangdong Electronics, has been making consumer electronics for 17 years and is the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Your current CEO, Pete Lau, was actually vice-president of OPPO. You can't use being new at this game as an excuse.

How much is your trust worth?

This is my opinion; my coworkers don't share my views, and some recommend the OnePlus 5T as one of the best phones available. We're both right. Ignoring all the careless ways you've treated your customers' data, you otherwise make a really good phone and sell it on the cheap. From a point of view that excludes privacy concerns, the OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones you can buy. But I'll not exclude privacy concerns — mine or anyone else's.

This is something I feel needs to be said. I also think you, OnePlus, need to make a concerted effort to ensure that privacy and security — your loyal customers' most important assets in this digital age — are just as important as phone speed and camera performance.

In other words, OnePlus, get your shit together.

Once that happens, I might change my mind, and I want to change my mind.



Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I'm with Jerry 100%.
  • Chinese companies aren't going to care about privacy and security ever. THey Snoop on us
  • I agree completely
  • Are you implying that the Korean companies are any different?
  • Not sure which one is worse, the American's government snooping on everyone or these Chinese companies who only snoop on customers who use their phones.
  • I am with Jerry as well. OnePlus is a garbage company, and I do not advise anyone to buy one of their phones. I used to like them, not anymore. Never again China. Never again.
  • "The fact that a new OnePlus 5T is at least several hundred dollars cheaper than a comparable phone from Google or Samsung or Apple is not lost on me." - now, why exactly do you think that OnePlus products are cheaper? It's obvious that these hundreds spared must come from somewhere. It's not just the brand that you're paying when going for Samsung and the likes. It's also all other things that may be invisible when usually using the phone, but that are nevertheless important. It's also data security, business practices and support.
  • Then the phone should not be that cheap.
  • So @Simmuel -- You are saying due to them charging less things like this are okay?
  • I think you missed his point...when I read it, it seemed more as a justification for paying more for phones such as Samsung and not being cheap and going with a midrange priced phone just to save a few bucks.
  • My OnePlus 3 hasn't exploded in my pocket, giving me horrific burns and scars, so that counts for something. I'm keeping it, and I would definitely buy another OnePlus. If you want to store passwords, use a dedicated app like KeePass or LastPass. Who keeps passwords in a clipboard file?
  • Well on the point of the faulty Galaxy note 7 batteries ,
    that was one bad model and I believe actually about 200 handsets that went up out of how many million handsets and different models that Samsung has sold since day dot ?
    I can say I have had Sammy handsets since 2012 and never once has one needed to go for repairs or had my credit card data threatened. .
    Put in to context , I know which company I would put more trust in.
    As for one plus devices being cheaper , that's because imo you get less .
  • No, I never said that. In fact, I mean the exact opposite. Don't put your words into my mouth, thank you.
    What I said is, if a phone looks the same as ones worth a hundred euro more, some corners must have been cut. And if there's nothing visible (worse build quality, worse specs), something must have been sacrificed, something invisible. In this case, data security.
    Personally, I don't think that's a good practice. That's why I steer away from any B brands. But, especially on AC, there's A LOT of people buying 1+ phones. And they buy them despite them being suspiciously cheaper. It's these people legitimizing their actions by voting with their wallets, not me.
  • Security should never be a point of compromise regardless of price....though I get your point
  • If you got his point, you wouldn't have responded how you did. His whole point is that you shouldn't buy a OnePlus phone just because it's cheaper, because you're sacrificing your data security.
  • "Don't put your words into my mouth"..
    Then what should we put in your mouth?
  • There are plenty of companies offering cheaper and comparable devices to those of Samsung or Apple and they manage their client's info with more care than OnePlus. Has Xiaomi or Hauwei gone through any of these scandals?
  • Im not sure y'all get the point. He means few hundred bucks cheaper and that money needs to come from somewhere else. Maybe the few hundred comes from somewhere in exchange of the stolen user data...
  • What? What a stupid comment. They can make a flagship phone with a flagship price and still do the same thing.
  • Hey, Jerry, there's a growing sentiment about One Plus regarding security. Fair point on the credit card stuff and congrats to those who dodged that one thanks to Paypal. But, correct me if I'm wrong, the clippy faux pas limited to the public beta only. It still looks fishy, so I'm not excusing it and neither should AC. But, isn't that worth a mention in this article? Or, should everyone with an OP go trash their device?
  • Also I believe the entire clipboard app in question was removed from the latest beta released yesterday.
  • The point isn't that it was limited or that it was removed, the point is that it's yet another instance in a string of instances where OP seems to have little regard for their user's privacy. This shouldn't be a hard concept but people seem so quick to defend their favorite companies these days that I guess it is.
  • He just said it was a worth a mention in the article that it was not on the public release but only on the beta, not that the whole clipboard issue should be swept under the rug.
  • They probably removed it because somebody found out about that data leak.
  • I won't buy a phone from any company that doesn't have a US based office that I can hold accountable.
  • Finally someone making sense on OnePlus in AC!! It was becoming too suspicious to be so apologetic to them!!
  • "Clippy knows your secrets"... That was a great line. But in all seriousness, I am now skittish about buying a OnePlus phone. When it was just the clipboard issue, I'd thought, "Well, let's see what happens. It's probably nothing to get worked up about. They'll own up to it and won't do it again, and I can still buy the 5T." I remember being absolutely sold on it - I was going to place an order in early January. But when the credit card incident happened, I backed off completely. It's one thing (IMO) to potentially be stealing clipboard data (and then owning up to it, fixing it, etc) and it's quite another to have your credit card compromised. I really hope OnePlus can recover from this. Their phones are great and I've really wanted to try one (ha ha, pun!) for a while; but I will not buy one until this whole thing is addressed and blows over. I had been tempted to buy one for the bargain it was; but I'd just not feel safe buying one online right now.
  • Jerry, you had me at no CDMA..... *kidding, but that's THE main reason millions in the USA won't buy their products.
  • +1
  • I'm in the exact same boat. I wanted the OP2 however many years be ago, but I have to use Verizon because of coverage. I have the Pixel 2 now because of ProjectFi, I'm out of the US for 3+ months every year. I just wish I was a little more patient because the Pixel 2 has been $350 from Black Friday until New Year's and is but one get one free now from Verizon. So, as far as price, there's no comparable phone.
  • Google does not care much also about the privacy of their users. On the Pixel 2 they force every user to save all their contacts and info onto the Gmail server so Google has access to all your contacts and info. Most normal phones allow you to save your contacts locally on your storage device but Google goes out of their way to disable this feature on the Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2. Not a fan of that. When I saw that I put mine back in the mail and sent it right back to Google. At first they denied this and this was escalated all the way up to their superiors. In fact they sent me a new Pixel 2 XL two more times for a total of 3 times before admitting that one could only save contacts to their server. We have China #2 here..
  • That's really not the main reason, I doubt millions have ever heard of oneplus or even know what is CDMA. Most people buy their phones from their carrier. Which means they either wind up with an iphone or a Samsung. You are here reading and you know what a oneplus, most people don't.
  • They would not bother to get CDMA chip on the phone, it means extra expense, and the phone cannot be that low price.
  • Motorola does it for the cheap, they can if they wanted to without added expense.
  • if you want secure and private. I would say Google Pixel or Pixel 2 or BlackBerry KEYone or Motion
  • One privacy issue is bad enough. But this is getting ridiculous. I've already seen all the comments blasting others for showing their skepticism and I honestly just feel that those people missed the point. The problem is that they're not handling your data in the most responsible way they could. Sure, other companies have had the same boo-boo, but we should NEVER use that to excuse another company. Maybe instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt because they sell a top-specced phone for significantly less than the competition, we should start being more critical towards them in the same way we've been critical to other OEMs for failing to keep up with security.
  • You get what you pay for with OnePlus. Buy a cheap phone, get cheap security. This is why I'll never purchase cheap Chinese devices.
  • Not that cheap though $499 - $569 Personally wouldn't call that cheap. It's just cheaper.
  • It's cheap.
  • It is not cheap, it is less expensive. There are perfectly good phones for less than $500. Are you saying they all have crappy security?
  • Yes. Yes I am saying that. Any cheap phone has crappy security. There isn't one single cheap phone that gets timely software updates.
  • Blackberry keyone has probably the best security in Android yet it's the same price as a OnePlus. So your point is...?
  • Nobody buys Blackberry phones. That's why they're cheap.
  • That made zero sense. Lol
  • Big difference in the spec's between the 5t and the Keystone, what you are paying for is Blackberry services, not the spec's of the phone. And honestly, to me it's not worth the trade off paying that much which should be maybe a $250 phone. To others, it is worth it. No truly right or wrong. I don't have either but I do have a 3T and it's on Oreo and on Dec. security patch. I was not impressed with the One Plus 5 and it's upside down display and didn't buy one. Coming at near the end of life of the 835 as a high end SOC, I'm choosing to wait. But what I did get was an Essential Phone for $292 tax included. (canceled the 360' camera before it was shipped). Have heard good and bad, so far no lag or problems. Just waiting for Oreo. Which Essential say's will be 8.10
  • You do realize Samsung releases cheaper phones than a lot of manufacturers out there, right ? Don't be blind
  • Not really. It's nipping at the heels of the price the HTC U11 launched at, and that phone wasn't exactly cheap too. It's more accurately "cheaper" or "cheap in comparison to a $900 Note8".
  • Mmm, delicious privilege lol.
  • I'm well aware of my privilege. But that doesn't make my point any less incorrect.
  • That's true. Although that double negative may have not been what you meant to say :D
  • Well since you're such a big shot, why not buy flagship phones for the entire community. Sounds like it wouldn't hurt you.
  • I can afford them for myself, not for everyone else. 🙄
  • @WilsonBlaze Spoken like a true Bernie Socialist or something.
  • Lol
  • @Vega007 You daddy WarBUCKS guys come here talking like you are Bill Gates and then feel weird when someone calls you out...go away. Speak for yourself and let's others do the same. If money wasn't an issue it would never be brought up
  • People who can afford to purchase a high-end devices aren't necessarily rich. 🙄 Besides, aren't they entitled to have an opinion as well?
  • It's funny, a decade ago a smartphone costing over $500 was considered as being top tier and expensive. With inflation and other factors that $500 was valued at even more and here we have people like you claiming that over $500 for a phone is cheap.
  • Lol, but you trust China to manufacture your phones as long as there is an American or Korean company that thoroughly inspects the firmware in these devices to make sure there is no spyware. Good luck.
  • There's no evidence that Google is sending my private information to China. Thanks for the false analogy.
  • And you know this because you're some type of coding specialist or security analyst and you've gone over all the code in the firmware or in the OS? Or you just have faith in a giant advertising company that monetizes every aspect of your life?
  • That is one hell of a conspiracy theory to think that China would be inserting bugs to collect private information from the customers of Google or even Apple. I do not like this analogy at all, it's highly speculative without an ounce of facts. Facts are the software OnePlus used sent private information to China, not hardware they build. Stick to facts and you won't look foolish.
  • What are you talking about? Chinese companies have already been caught inserting spyware on their consumer products. https://www.theepochtimes.com/spy-software-found-pre-installed-on-lenovo... https://thehackernews.com/2015/09/lenovo-laptop-virus.html
  • Your aluminum cap is on a bit tight.
  • Are you, Thomas? Have you inspected Googles stuff and see that it is? Why haven't you told anyone? See I can play that game as well :D.
  • The only bad thing I can say about OnePlus is that their mishandling of Credit card payment info is unforgivable. It is a true breach of trust and I don't know if I could ever purchase from them again. if it were a US company they would be on the losing end of a huge class action lawsuit and thats what they deserve. That said, the clipboard thing is a non-issue. If you choose to participate in the beta program, you can expect left over code and security holes. Thanks for testing it for me. I was a Nexus user and chose OnePlus over Pixel because in my opinion they are all buggy, developer devices that are not fully baked at launch. The Pixel is the worst of the 3 because Google chose to market it in competition with polished luxury devices. I'm hoping a respectable Chinese company comes to North America with a pure(ish) Android experience.
  • I entirely disagree. The credit card thing is the only part that is totally forgivable. That isn't something that was done BY Oneplus but TO them. Though they may be to blame partially if their server security isn't up to snuff. The other stuff was done BY Oneplus, either through malice or, more likely in my opinion, ineptitude. And while there doesn't seem to be any legitimate evidence that they were collecting clipboard data, no part of signing up to the beta programme gives them the right to do this, if they did... It's completely unacceptable behaviour.
  • I love the "mishandling" wow do you know they didn't sell that credit card info?
  • As I understand it, they broke security protocol by handling the sensitive information at all instead of leaving it to the payment service and then did not adequately protect that info. I am not an expert on this but its how I've interpreted the reports.
    If I misunderstood the situation, please correct me.
  • Stop buying these cheap Chinese phone people. Care about your privacy and security.
    Sometimes saving money is not everything in life.
  • The OnePlus 5T isn't cheap a $500 phone isn't cheap it's only cheaper then Samsung and Google phones
  • It's maybe coming from a person that hasn't used it. Also isnt HTC and Huawei I'm the same area?
  • what phone do you recommend in the same price range?
  • Get a high end Sony or a Pixel?
  • Completely agree with Jerry. I have security concerns with everything that's in my phone as it is. Are these concerns related to why the carriers aborted plans to carry Huawei?
  • Sometimes you really do “get what you pay for”.
  • I am a disappointed 3T user...
  • Great article and well said. Your most valuable asset is your identity. You should be careful who you trust it to.
  • This whole thing is giving me serious pause... There is no actual proof of misconduct, but there's been a lot of smoke around Oneplus lately. I really don't want to buy a damn pixel... But I may have no option. Then again, we can't really trust fiddle either. Did anything come of that controversy over them storing everyone's cell tower location data? >:(
  • I am with you on the data collection but not the credit card compromise. Most companies never disclose at all when they are compromised, its only the ones that are so huge they leak out (home depot, target) that you hear anything at all. Some are pretty large and still you never hear anything. The great news is that Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover all have sophisticated algorithms for detecting this fraud and preventing the vast majority from ever hitting the card holder. Its only because oneplus is so small that it managed to slip through.
  • Well said Jerry! agree 100 percent. I have felt this way about them for a long time actually. The past while just proves my suspicions. Stick with the KNOWN BRANDS, SAMSUNG, LG, HTC, SONY, GOOGLE. let the others be for other places.
  • Where do these known brands manufacture their phones?
  • That does not matter as you buy them from KNOWN TRUSTED SOURCES...unlike one + who sells direct and obviously is shady over how they handle your credit card information. Two UNRELATED things.
  • It was these type of issues that swayed me to not purchasing the 5T. If they can clean up their act, I may look at their devices again in a few years.
  • I just haven't felt quite right about how they handled several things. There were other customer service issues too that I was hearing about. As much as I wanted to consider OnePlus I just couldn't get past a nagging sense to stay away. Ended up getting an LG G6 Amazon Prime edition and I'm very happy with it and the price compared to other phones on the market at the same time.
  • Bummer, I like OnePlus smartphones (affordable, features, non-glass back design, etc.), but it's not an option on my carriers or a brand I trust.
  • Jerry is right. The end.
  • And that's the reason i used paypal when I purchased my 5T back in december.
  • I used my CC but it allowed me to get it repaired for free due to water damage. If I used the same CC through Paypal, I'm not subject to the same protections.So there are benefits to using CC. Also, unauthorized transactions on CCs can be resolved pretty easily if needed.
  • Oneplus messed up and are paying for it by bad PR but this will blow over in a few months and it'll be business as usual when the O6 comes out
  • So much for skipping 4 because of it being unlucky.
  • Well said. Maybe we can all look back to the direction of BlackBerry and their focus on security . It's the only thing some companies want their names to stand for. Others don't give a **** what happens to your personal info
  • Jerry is right. And... Jerry, I'd like to see more reporting on the Google / Tennent patent sharing deal. As a rule, Chinese mobile phones and telecom equipment isn't welcome for business by the US government & North American telecom industry. Chinese government surveillance of its citizens is a very real thing... Facial recognition technology has been widely adopted and pervasive on everything from airports, apartment entry, and throughout Chinese cities.. Facial recognition to unlock phones is a gimmick in rest of the world, but also a trial balloon... Get the public comfortable with the technology, and begin a sense of normalcy .... And go from there. No, no, no... I don't own any tin foil hats... But I'm not interested in always on Google Home or Amazon Echo either. ... Too much room for abuse.
  • As we give more and more to China, we lose more and more of our privacy. To most, this is acceptable. Let's not forget the Carrier IQ (I think that's the right name) fiasco from 4-5 years ago. Congressional hearings and everyone was up in arms. The app remained on phones for another year or two. Now I don't think the app is on any phone anymore. Or it's hidden again, and is secretly collecting our data again.
  • I still believe the majority of OnePlus buyers are running custom firmware. And if you're buying a phone to run custom firmware, it's one of the best options (and at a great price).
  • I Agree 1000% with Jerry!
  • This has always seemed to be the case with "phones" for some reason. They need to be treated as the computers they are. They all need a minimum 3 years security updates EVERY MONTH. People wouldn't settle for less with a computer, and these are no different. Especially considering phones are surpassing the prices of high end computers. It's ridiculous to not demand 3-5 years of support.
  • What a STUPID article this is! If the same thing happened to Google you'll be coming out with all sorts of excuses defending it.
  • I’m pretty sure Jerry would just as quickly call them out.
  • Except this is Jerry. If Google does the same, expect the same article, but with “OnePlus” replaced with ‘Google’
  • OneOlus screws up and you attack Jerry?
  • Jerry its not a problem. The Honor view 10 has shaped up to be a much better phone especially since they are giving the phone away to TWRP and other community folks.
  • Too bad the amount of development work on that phone pales in comparison to OnePlus phones. They have a lot of people to convert still.
  • I agree 100%...I hope high profile android sites continue to call out Oneplus until they start taking the business, and customers, seriously
  • Yep. Agree 100% with Jerry. Once could be written off. But two, three, or more times can't be written off. I don't believe in coincidence. I'll be looking at other phones now for lower cost options.
  • The credit card issue happens to businesses all the time and the Data transfer thing happened to a Beta release of hydrogen Chinese version
    not Us Oxygen version.
    Yeah stay away from Oneplus, More for the rest of us.
    Typed on my Brand New Oneplus 5t.
  • Finally someone says it! Thank you!
  • The 5T is my favorite phone
  • I will never buy or recommend a OnePlus smartphone to anyone
  • Well said Jerry!
  • So we should stop buying Apple Stuff too. They had a data breach. I actually was someone that had their data stolen and then used in the apple store. I thought I was hacked. A few weeks later begrudgingly Apple admitted a data breach. You really think Google Phones dont harvest your data? YOu really think Apple phones wont? You think Facebook is free for fun?
    If you want your data secure: Go offline. Delete Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, etc. They all collect your Data. And it was breached before with many. Sometimes its found out....I wonder how often we have never heard of it. By the way: all our phones are produced in China.
    People need to stop Talking about security and then using a smartphone or some smartphone app like NFC etc.
  • Any evidence that my credit card info has been compromised in Google? You're reaching a bit there.
  • I said google phones harvest data for google. Like how you get the perfect ads for your liking. I didnt say your credit card info was compromised there.
  • Everyone harvests data, no debate there. The point is some are more upfront with what they do with it, and some set a higher value on keeping it safe. No one is perfect, and thus we should all stay mindful on how "we" share "our" info with these companies.
  • To what extent isn't this type of mess & security updates, the problem throughout Android?
  • I bought my OnePlus 3T from gearbest, (fantastic phone) so I'd buy one again, but knowing what I know of the OnePlus breaches, I wouldn't buy one direct, no.
  • I also completely agree with Jerry. I Actually completely stopped supporting OnePlus after the update lie about OP2 getting Android 7 which it never did. I really don't like OnePlus strategy and way of handling their customers. Shame on OnePlus
  • Between the issues OnePlus is having, and the recent pullback from Huawei I've decided I'm going to shy away from chinese OEM's as much as possible. For the forseeable future, I will only be considering Pixel phones, HTC, LG, Samsung, maybe Sony (kind of like what I'm seeing on the horizon from them). Moto may be the only chinese OEM I will consider at this point. Much as I love phones and the new shiny and really wanted to try something like a OnePlus phone, its not worth it and I'm going to be much pickier and considering more things than the phone design and what skin they have going. Much as I do not want to go back to Samsung because of their software, if they continue to keep my data safe, maybe they will be the best option. Or maybe its google with the Pixel phones, whichever, I may be willing to make some comprimises in bloatware to keep things safer or at least give me the illusion I'm safer because who knows how safe it really is with any of them.
  • I have to agree. I have never bought one and was considering a cheaper phone but lately too many security scares so it a no from me.
  • Enough with the FUD already... companies are being hacked for credit card numbers all the time... so if we're going to avoid any company that had credit card numbers or other personal data stolen from them, you might just as well move out of the US altogether after Equifax had sensitive personal data of 143 million Americans stolen from them: https://www.ftc.gov/equifax-data-breach
  • 100%.
    They don't care about security. Until they care, they should not be rewarded with a purchase.
  • Love
  • I understand all the concerns! i years ago i asked for a prepaid credit card specifically to buy on the web...That way its impossible for any companies to take more money since i strictly deposit the amount needed. I think the first line of defense should always be ourselves. But of course i might be all wrong here... Breaches and fraud will always happen ... Oneplus makes good reliable phones for half the price. I hope they can stay in the business . its good for the competition and for everyone. And yes the vast majorities of phones are assembled and product in China now . So i dont think China is an issue in this case.
  • Pity, because it is by far the smoothest Android phone around.
  • I just did
  • Just bought mine.
  • That's why I'm sticking with blackberry, all the other companies are getting hacked but blackberry. Blackberry has important clients in big companies. It even saved Sony lol
  • The "In other words, OnePlus, get your **** together." reminds me of https://youtu.be/-tGL-buZ94Y Get it together :-)
  • Credit Card mess is something that may happen when things go wrong. Let's give them that they are incompetent & maybe hope that someday they might improve. BUT. The mess of engineer mode and pilfering user data is unforgiveable. There simply is no trust factor here. Especially after getting caught a few times over the same matter, and 1+ giving a lameass excuse. NO, 1+ you are shady as hell. No more 1+ phones. Nor Xiaomi who are in the same shoddy leaky boat. Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Pixel, have at least not have had any evidence of leaky apps hemorrhaging user data!