OnePlus shows off new custom accessories for the OnePlus One smartphone

So while you may not be able to get your hands on a OnePlus One smartphone just yet due to tight supplies, the company is now showing off a line of branded accessories if you're interested. Unveiled on the OnePlus blog, the OnePlus One accessories will come in a variety of colors and are designed to complement your smartphone. Pricing still is not yet announced, but hopefully the company will make the accessories just as equally affordable as the OnePlus One's wallet-friendly $299 entry price.

The accessories shown off include a clear cover, and colored covers with a bright yellow hue that is reminiscent of what Nokia offers on its Lumia line of Windows Phone, and a flip cover case that's similar to the QuickCover case that Google offers for the Nexus 5.

OnePlus One flip cover shown in a bright orange shade.

Additionally, there will also be some official screen protectors to shield your device's glass from scratches.

The company notes that they "have more colors and much more stuff coming."

Source: OnePlus via Neowin

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