The OnePlus 8's camera gets a big upgrade thanks to a Google Camera hack

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • No full-resolution photos are possible due to images being capped at 12MP in the port.
  • The camera mod has support for the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses.
  • Installation of the unofficial Google Camera mod can be done without rooting or other modifications to your device.

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro both have solid camera systems to start with, but the new Google Camera port brings some welcomed improvements.

XDA Developers have brought a port of the unofficial Google Camera app to the OnePlus 8 series of phones. Unlike the Pixel phones, the OnePlus 8 devices have more than two cameras, and this port has support for these additional lenses. This means that the improved colors and contrast can be enjoyed not only on the primary shooter, but also the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras.

Source: XDA DevelopersOneplus 8 Pro Stock Camera Main Sample (left) Oneplus 8 Pro Google Camera Main Sample (right)

Source: XDA DevelopersOneplus 8 Pro Stock Camera Telephoto Sample (left) Oneplus 8 Pro Google Camera Telephoto Sample (right)

Source: XDA DevelopersOneplus 8 Pro Stock Camera Ultra Wide Sample (left) Oneplus 8 Pro Google Camera Ultra Wide Sample (right)

As you can see in the sample images, colors are more vivid, and the contrast is better as well. Exposure is more balanced, leading to even highlights and less noise in the shadows. Another plus from the Google Camera mod is a the proper telephoto shot, rather than the cropped variety from the stock camera app. The mod also improves the on the ultra-wide lens allowing for a more natural image, although the edges will still have a bit of distortion.

Things aren't all good with the port, however, as the ability to pull full-resolution photos from the cameras won't be possible as the images are capped at 12MP. The pixel binning is on by default and cannot be turned off in the mod, so the native 48MP sensors will be brought down with a 4:1 ratio. While the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras are enabled in the Google Camera mod, the macro isn't.

If you are interested in installing this port, it won't require you to root your phone or do any other mods to install it, so getting the unofficial Google Camera app onto your OnePlus 8 device is relatively simple. Do you plan on loading it onto your phone?

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