OnePlus 2 carefully dismantled to see just how many flagships it can kill

The OnePlus 2 is the second smartphone to be launched by the Chinese company, billed as the flagship killer for 2016. While the appearance of the successor may not be different from the OnePlus One, iFixit has taken a look at the smartphone to see what's inside and how all the components are packaged together.

Compared against the original OnePlus One, the successor proved to be much easier to repair, should you encounter any issues with specific components. The majority of components are modular and can be replaced independently. While not removable without being disassembled, it's possible to extract the battery without much effort.

The only negative from the report is replacing the LCD and glass. You'll need to utilize heat to remove the combined fixture from the midframe. Be sure to read through the full report over on the iFixit website.

Source: iFixit

Rich Edmonds