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OneNote for Android Beta updated with new icon, revamped notebook, and more

What you need to know

  • OneNote's Android Beta app has a new icon.
  • The app also has a new notebook experience which allows you to reorder pages.
  • Sticky Notes inside of the app now support images.

Microsoft is on a tear when it comes to updating the look and feel of their applications. The beta version of OneNote for Android is the latest app to see these changes, including a new icon and a new notebook experience. The application now also supports images inside of Sticky Notes.

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Microsoft's new OneNote icon meets the modern design language of the other Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, Your Phone, and Outlook. The new notebook experience allows you to reorder pages and fits in with the modern design of Microsoft's recently updated applications. Additionally, users can now add images inside of Sticky Notes saved to OneNote.

To get the latest update, make sure you've signed up to OneNote's beta program and refresh for updates in the Google Play Store.

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  • This sounds good for flagship Android phones but I found OneNote was too hungry for storage, memory and battery on my discount phone. Adding features & speech probably just increases this hit. I'd like to switch from Google Keep but Google Keep has a much smaller "footprint" in every respect.
  • I'm in the same boat. I don't know why they won't allow the app to be stored on a SD card.