OhMiBod's connected vibrators buzz in sync with heartbeat, controllable by smartwatch

OhMiBod is expanding the functionality of its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-connected sex toys at CES by announcing a new smartwatch app. With it, users will be able to remotely control vibrators from near or far, though that's in line with its existing phone app.

The really cool stuff is how the smartwatch app for Android and iOS will read a user's heartbeat and create vibrations based on that pulse. Alternatively, the app can read ambient noise (such as music) and produce vibrations from that data as well. OhMiBod's current Club Vibe massagers already do that sort of thing.

The bigger question, perhaps, is if you really want to be wearing your smartwatch to bed. (And if you do, we suggest not checking it too frequently. Unless, of course, you're using it in this context.)

OhMiBod's connected blueMotion vibrator goes for $95. More info on OhMiBod's new apps are below. Expect to see them on smartwatches sometime around the Apple Watch launch.

OhMiBod announces advances in wearable sex tech at CES 2015

Sexual health innovator adds smart watch connectivity, biofeedback functionality, and over-the-internet control to their blueMotion line of vibrators

January 5, 2015 (Las Vegas, NV) — OhMiBod commemorates its fifth year at CES by raising the stakes in wearable sex tech. The sexual health innovator has added smart watch connectivity and biofeedback functionality to its blueMotion line of Bluetooth enabled massagers. OhMiBod will showcase its innovations in the iProducts section (North Hall) of the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth 6712.

OhMiBod's revolutionary advancement in wearable technology will be available via OhMiBod Remote—an intuitive interface that allows users to connect to and control massagers via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Available for Android and iOS devices, the new smart watch compatible app will include preset patterns and manual intensity controls such as tap and record. But where the app truly sets itself apart is its new biofeedback functionality.

"OhMiBod Remote's updates have enabled biometric-driven vibrations—a first for the pleasure industry," said Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. "Imagine how you often feel with a partner—excited, turned on, and, at times, maybe even a little nervous. With this app, the wearer's heart rate not only creates the vibrations that drive his or her partner's pleasure, it also determines the strength and intensity of those vibrations."

The groundbreaking app also takes a page from OhMiBod's Club Vibe massagers, which vibrate in sync with ambient noise. The availability of the smart watch app is slated to be released to coincide with the release of the Apple Watch.

"The watch's microphone will feed vibration patterns to our range of Bluetooth enabled massagers. So it won't matter if you're in the bedroom, in the club, or at a concert—you and your partner can enjoy real-time ambient sounds where it counts, when it counts, and with complete discretion," added Dunham.

OhMiBod will further enhance blueMotion by adding a G-spot and couple's ring vibrators to the collection in March 2015. The massagers' designs are based on OhMiBod's Cuddle and Share, which received the 2014 Red Dot Award for product design as part of the seven-piece Lovelife collection.

All OhMiBod blueMotion massagers can connect to Android and iOS smartphones and watches via OhMiBod Remote, which added Wi-Fi connectivity in summer 2014. This expanded capability allows couples to make connections anytime from anywhere in the world.

Source: OhMiBod (pdf)

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