One of the questions we hear on Twitter and through the contact page most often is "will my phone get Froyo?"  I can't blame anyone for asking, or for wanting it, cause all the changes are oh so nice.  Our standard answer has always been what we can confirm with the manufacturers, which to be fair and honest, isn't much yet.  Trust me, we bug them because we're Android fanatics and want to know just as much as you all do :)

Thankfully, there's always speculation and rumors to tide us over until we get word (or even better, see that update available screen).  We talk about it on the Podcast.  We talk about it with each other via e-mail.  We talk about it in the forums.  We want it.  When a reader sent in a tip that PC World has compiled a list of phones and their upgrade to Froyo status, it got our attention.  We can't vouch for anything on the list, so insert a grain of salt the size of a beach ball, follow the break and check it out. [with a tip of the hat to Computer World via PC World] Thanks lastdetailwd!

Phones 'definitely' getting Froyo:

Phones not expected to get Froyo:

List of phones where the upgrade looks 'iffy':

Remember, none of this is set in stone yet. Carriers and manufacturers have a ton to do with it. And PC World's list here is a good one. I honestly believe that Google and the carriers would like every phone to get Froyo, just to unify things a bit.  Too bad I'm not in charge of the Division of Froyo Updates -- or maybe that's a good thing.