Official-looking pics of the T-Mobile-branded Galaxy Note

We've seen the blurry-cam and unofficial pictures leak out of a Galaxy Note carrying T-Mobile branding, but the folks over at CellPhone Signal got their hands on what they're calling official images. Not a lot of other details have leaked out, but the few that have are pretty tasty -- the T-mobile version will come in Navy Blue, run Ice Cream Sandwich (as we saw in the previous leak), and have HSPA+ enabled on 850/1900 MHz bands along with standard AWS bands. T-Mobile is slowly shifting radio frequencies for HSPA+, and as a bonus it means it should work on AT&T once factory SIM unlocked with no rooting or fiddling. 

The also tell us to expect to see it for sale on July 11, so keep your eyes peeled for more info soon.

Source: CellPhone Signal

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Where the hell is ics for the AT&T note..
  • In AT&T's freezer.
  • Same place it is for the Rezound.
  • I still can't believe how craZZZy people
    are buying a whopping, gigantic 5.3in
  • It's a curvy lass, I'll give you that but it's a real beauty to hold in the hand, IMO. Played with one and found it to be the perfect sized device for my needs and my hands are on the smallish side of the spectrum. Just wish VZW would've picked it up.
  • I still refuse to use a phone without a hardware keyboard, but if I have to go keyboardless, I want a screen with plenty of room to maneuver, so a phablet may be in my future.
  • Over 5 million satisfied customers. That's not crazy.
  • I think this may breathe a bit of life into Magenta. Not much and probably not enough. Its good to see it ship with ICS. Had this came out with ICS on ATT, before I bought the Galaxy Nexus, then both my wife and I would have gotten this (or at least seriously, seriously, seriously, considered).
  • Too little to late again T-Mobile...those who had serious interest in the note either hopped ship to another carrier or have started using an unlocked version I'd suspect...why not just wait for the note 2 in three months and then have a current device at launch. Even if u do con people into buying this....they're going to be super pissed when the new versions comes out right on top of your release....
  • well you have to also consider most consumers are not tech geeks and don't need the absolutely newest specs on the market. You and I may care about it but the majority will be perfectly happy with the Note 1. And who's to say they won't swap out the Note 1 w/ the Note 2 when it comes to America probably early 2013 sporting T-Mobile's LTE Advance network, betcha they will now.
  • Sprint please!
  • +1
  • At this point, it *might* be too late (as much as I want it) since the Note 2 is rumored for an October release. It would be great if they released it like they did the GS3; everybody gets it within a couple of months of each other.
  • Nice. Its about time TMO. Now im hoping for a BOGO deal.
  • Kinda late to release this. The Note's successor is rumored to come out in October.
  • Is T-Mobile really moving away from those AWS bands for HSPA+. Thank goodness. I know they didn't have much of a choice but it's so hard to find unlocked GSM devices that offer AWS for HSPA+.
  • And I was hoping this was the Galaxy Note 2 :-)
  • Knowing T-mobile this phone will cost only 200 dollars on contract more then the other carriers.
  • Knowing T-mobile this phone will cost only 200 dollars on contract more then the other carriers.
  • Hopefully VZW picks up the Note 2 in early 2013.
  • 2013? Why not in 124 days on Thursday November 1st? With the A-15 based Exynos 5250 Dual-Core Cpu / T-604 Gpu.. Or even the Exotic Quad-Core Qualcomm Cpu / Adreno 320 Gpu.. And.. while we are going there.. Running Jellybean 4.1 That's where my $600.00 is going instead of the S3.
  • Cool. Just then the Note 2 rumours are starting up...
  • Is the next gen Note the next Big Thing from Samsung?
  • My question is, does this pack the Crapqualm CPU and GPU? Or are we getting the Exynos for once? If so, sign me up. I talked my father into the International version since he was on ATT and he loves it, so I picked up the ATT one to flash to T-Mobile and found it horribly laggy in comparison, so back it went.
  • People on Tmobile today should feel good about getting this device. Yes it's old to a certain point but it still has Ice cream sandwich and will be one of the BEST devices on Tmobile. Myself I will be getting the Galaxy S3 June 28th on Tmobile and will wait for the Galaxy Note 2 or the NEXT NEXUS come October/November for my second line of service. I am gladly leaving Verizon after the Galaxy Nexus fiasco awaiting a better chance for an GSM new Nexus...
  • Agreed.. The Verizon Nexus was a joke. Patches released on launch day no less.. The 4G LTE radio fail, the major software update that never came.. hopefully, Act 2 will preform better.