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Official Galaxy S accessories look as awesome as the Android smartphones

We've got half of the Galaxy S line already in our fat little fingers -- that'd be the T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate -- and today Samsung announced some official accessories to go with them. (We'll forget, for the moment, that they're teasing us with the as-yet-unlaunched Verizon Fascinate.)

As you see above, there's a snazzy car dock that fits the lines of the entire Galaxy S series. And after the break, take a peep at the desktop dock with audio out, spare battery charger and leather case.

Samsung Galaxy S desktop dock

Samsung Galaxy S battery charger

Samsung Galaxy S leather case

  • Get 15% off these accessories by using the code: galaxys when you checkout.
    For real!
  • Okay, I know I'm being incredibly lame, but where do you buy these dock accessories? No link that I see in the story above that takes you to any store that carries them. What store gives the discount you're talking about?
  • I wonder if the Epic 4G will fit in the dock. The MicroUSB port seems to be centered, as opposed to the Vibrant and Captivate that have it more toward the left side of the phone.
  • i wonder if the epic will even be released...Droid X already came out and the Droid 2 will be released b4 the epic aswell. Hope its out before the Droid 3 is released.
  • I thought the epic was a sprint phone and the fascinate was Verizon.
  • Great! Nice to see another phone get some docking stations and mounts at launch unlike my Incredible which basically got nothing.
  • Where is that very specific "snazzy car dock "???????????
    I have looked at all links, and it does not show - ANYWHERE.
    That is a GREAT looking car dock, and I would love to have - THAT ONE. BTW: You guys are doing an exceptional job. Keep it up.
  • Wow, those are some of the nicest accessories off their kind for any Android device yet. Good job Samsung.
  • ...and in other news, HTC Incredible cried all the way home. Come on, already. I cannot recall wanting to give money to an accessory manufacturer and having them say "No, sorry, we don't want your money" Wonder if the cardock can work for my INC...if only as a holder.
  • It says it will fit the entire Galaxy S line and the Epic 4G is part of the Galaxy S line. I would think that means it fits. :)
  • Are these on sale now? Where?
  • Can't find anything on this. Can't go to US site just get redirected to CAN site. I want that car dock!
  • I like the accessories but the car dock is only half useful if the GPS issue isn't fixed. Come on Samsung!
  • you have the vibrant right? Essentially the first versions are often betas and TMobile doesn't do very good testing. With Sprint nav being an important part of the package I am betting $1 that it is fixed on sprint for Epic from the get go. The Vibrant I saw with problems was fixed by a friend enabling aGPS which is not enabled by default. this fixed it he got instant accurate locations
  • that car dock isnt even on the samsung website
  • Samsung may have announced the "official" accessories via sites Like Android Central and Android Guys, but try to BUY them - no can do. The cases and cradles are out of stock. Out of stock immediately after the announcement - either poor planning or product was never actually produced. And no info at all on the Samsung website about the car dock. Why did they announce accessories when they don't have ANY?