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After rolling out a carrier billing service for all purchases made on Samsung's app store earlier this month, UK carrier O2 has announced that it is bringing the service to the Play Store.

Dubbed Charge to Mobile, you can now buy apps, movies, games, books and music from the Play Store and have the purchases billed directly to your carrier account.

The spending limit is determined by your plan. If you're a Pay & Go customer on O2, you can use your prepaid credit toward purchases, while customers on monthly plans will be eligible to add their Play Store purchases to their monthly bill.

O2 said that the ability to bill directly to the carrier removes a lot of the hassles involved in buying online, as customers do not have to add a credit card or set up a PIN.

The carrier mentioned that Charge to Mobile is being used by over 100 retail merchants in the UK. The service was already available for Windows Phone users along with Spotify, PlayStation Store and Facebook amongst others, with O2 stating that over 10 million transactions have been carried out across these services on its network thus far.

Would you be interested in setting up carrier billing to buy digital goods? Is it more convenient than registering a credit card? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: O2 Blog

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