The folks at NVIDIA have been working hard over the last couple of years to blur the lines between their desktop class GPU architecture and their mobile GPU architecture, and at CES this year the company wants to show off how they have raised the bar. Their latest achievement has been dubbed the Tegra X1, bringing with it the power of NVIDIA's Maxwell GPU. Just like last year, NVIDIA hopes to prove that mobile devices powered by Tegra can visually compete with game consoles.

The Tegra X1 is boasting a combination of power efficiency and raw horsepower, and while we've heard that tune before from NVIDIA there's a lot of data in their on-stage demos to back up the claims. NVIDIA is gunning for console-level graphics through desktop rendering engines, but in doing so manage to keep the power consumption down to levels that would be appropriate for tablet and in-car systems. Most importantly, the chipset claims support for 4K at 60fps as well as H.265 support, which means this chipset will be more than capable of handling what we currently consider next-gen video playback on top of being a capable gaming chip.

It's clear that we won't be seeing this chipset in phones anytime soon, but the folks at Nvidia seem very eager to talk about Tegra X1 embedded in just about everything else. Combined with the Drive CX platform with Android Auto support, this could be a sweet new direction for Nvidia over the next year.