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NVIDIA is now letting Shield TV owners beta test new features

All of the best official beta trial programs make sure you know that participation will not void your warranty, right? The folks at NVIDIA are reaching out to Shield TV owners this week in search of willing test subjects for upcoming features and software updates. It's being called the Shield Preview Program (opens in new tab), and all you need to sign up, and a willingness to test unfinished software and report back errors you discover.

Early preview programs aren't a new concept, especially for NVIDIA or its fans, so there's not a lot of concern here. If you like tinkering with your Shield TV and you want to live on the bleeding edge of new software for your set-top box, this program is great for you. If you appreciate a stable experience and would prefer to avoid things like rebooting your entertainment center before you can watch the next episode of American Gods, this may not be for you.

Grab the link here (opens in new tab) to sign up, and you'll be directed to a special private forum to discuss new features and bugs you may encounter!

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